New Haven Pride Center Day of Action: LGBTQ+ Racial Justice

In partnership with the New Haven Pride Center

Details on participation coming soon. Please watch this space for more information.


In partnership with New Haven Pride Center, this event welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies to envision a safe New Haven for all people.

Join us for a full-day festival-within-the-festival as we dedicate our second-ever Day of Action to exploring how our community can do the work needed to ensure a future free of racism and white supremacy. This mini-conference will directly combat racism in the LGBTQ+ community through discussion, group learning, performances, and artistic perspectives that address the diverse needs and struggles of LGBTQ+ Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Participants will explore issues topics like anti-Asian sentiments and fetishization in the time of COVID, anti-blackness and the progress of the Black Lives Matter movement, BIPOC organizing, anti-bias training, and more.

This day of celebration, contemplation, and community-building will be capped by a spoken word performance and keynote. Racial Justice and creating opportunities for BIPOC LGBTQ+ people is a fundamental priority of the New Haven Pride Center.

The goals of the 2021 Day of Action are:

  • Exploring racial justice in the Queer community
  • Bringing together the community and listening to the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ BIPOC people
  • Amplifying the voices of LGBTQ+ BIPOC creators and organizers at the forefront of movements for our collective liberation
  • Forging connections between different segments of the LGBTQ+ BIPOC community, creating a more interconnected community
  • Celebrate the rich diversity of our community and begin the important and ongoing work of addressing individual biases

Program of Events

10:00a | Program Welcome and Community Blessing

10:30a | Combating Anti-Asian Bias, Festishization, and Hate

12:00p | The Complexity of Black Sexuality and Identity

1:30p | Workshop Track 1: Racial Justice Activists 

  • De-Stigmatizing the Body in the Racial Justice Movement
  • Self-Care & Healing for Racial Justice Changemakers

1:30p | Workshop Track 2: Be Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias Informed

  • Aspiring & Active Co-Conspiratorship
  • Holistic Anti-Racism for White Folks

5:00p | A Conversation With Blair Imani

6:30p | Performance: The Power of the Spoken Word

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