Imaginando un Mundo sin Muros, Jaulas y Detención

In partnership with Melting the Ice






Esta conversación se llevará a cabo en español.
This conversation will be held in Spanish.  

En asociación con Melting the Ice, un podcast y programa de radio bilingüe dedicado a compartir el testimonio de personas directamente afectadas por las detenciones de ICE, el presentador Luis Luna guiará este panel de discusión en el que una breve introducción al sistema de detención actual de ICE servirá como punto de partida para imaginar cómo se vería un mundo sin ICE, y cómo los organizadores y las personas están dando vida a esta visión del mundo radicalmente liberadora en la actualidad.

In partnership with Melting the Ice, a bilingual podcast and radio show dedicated to sharing testimonials from people directly impacted by ICE detention, host Luis Luna will guide this panel discussion where a brief introduction to the current ICE detention system will serve as a springboard for imagining what a world without ICE looks and feels like, and exploring how organizers and individuals are bringing this radically liberated world vision into existence today.


Luis Luna

Luis was born in Ecuador. Came to Connecticut at an early age and grew up undocumented in a multistatus family.

He co-founded the Semilla Collective of New Haven, a local grassroots organization that builds power and fights with immigrant families. He is also the host of Módulo Lunar, a three hour monthly program that serves as the stage to play alternative latinamerican music and that imagines and broadcasts abolitionist programing and radio resistance. He is also the senior organizer for the Connecticut Working Families Party, he focuses on legislative and issue based campaigns at the state and local level also helping and developing their grassroots base. 

Constanza Segovia

Creative Director of VEO VEO

Constanza Segovia is the creative director of VEO VEO, a bilingual design and visual note-taking practice focused on using visual communication as a tool to address issues of equity, social justice, and access to the arts.

In the past, she has worked as a senior designer in a branding and strategy studio co:lab, and as adjunct faculty of design and drawing at Trinity College and Tunxis Community College.

These days, most of her time is focused on movement work for immigrant rights. She helped start the Hartford Deportation Defense collective, and serves on statewide committees with the Connecticut Bail Fund, the Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance, and New Haven’s Universal Representation Pilot Project. Most recently, she has partnered with the Greater Hartford Family Advocacy Center’s Project H.O.P.E. and is responsible for culturally sensitive community outreach for immigrants and refugees who have been victims of sexual abuse and/or domestic violence. During the COVID19 pandemic, she helped fund and co-direct the Mutual Aid Hartford network.

Constanza was born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina and moved to the US at the age of 17. She lives in Hartford CT with her husband, two stepkids, one baby daughter, a dog, and a bunny.

Liz Castillo

Liz Castillo is part of the organizing team at Detention Watch Network, with a focus on family detention and child detention expansion efforts in Texas as well as other southern states. Liz admires Detention Watch Network’s vision of a world without immigration detention centers and is excited to learn and fight alongside members and allies committed to turning that vision into reality. When not working, Liz enjoys stumbling across new artists, curating playlists, and getting caught up in the music with loved ones at karaoke and/or the dance floor.

danilo machado (he/they)

Born in Medellín, Colombia, danilo machado (he/they) is a poet, curator, and critic living on occupied land interested in language’s potential for revealing tenderness, erasure, and relationships to power. An honors graduate of the University of Connecticut, danilo was the Founding Board Chair for Connecticut Students for a Dream and member of the CT UndocuFund and People’s Saturday School Collectives. 

danilo is currently Curatorial Assistant at Socrates Sculpture Park and Producer of Public Programs at the Brooklyn Museum, and the curator of the exhibitions Otherwise Obscured: Erasure in Body and Text (Franklin Street Works, Stamford, CT) and support structures (8th Floor gallery/Virtual), and We turn (on view at EFA Project Space). A 2020-2021 Emerge-Surface-Be Fellow at the Poetry Project, their writing has been featured in Hyperallergic, Brooklyn Rail, Poem-A-Day, ArtCritical, Art Papers, GenderFail, Long River Review, TAYO Literary Magazine, among others.danilo is also the co-founder and co-curator of the reading series Maracuyá Peach and the chapbook/broadside fundraiser Already Felt: poems in revolt & bounty. As DJ Queer Shoulders, danilo has DJd as a part of programs and fundraisers with The Shed, CultureHub, CTUndocuFund, and Connecticut Students for a Dream. They are working to show up with care for their communities.

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