Food of the Future

with GreenWave and Olmo


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Take a break from using your own imagination and let GreenWave and Olmo effortlessly open your mind over...a spread of sustainable bagels! Olmo Bagelry & Marketplace, a New Haven staple lauded for its quick, quality meals prepared from scratch, has paired up with nonprofit GreenWave, a team on a mission to provide training, tools and support to build regenerative ocean farms. GreenWave’s polyculture farming system grows a mix of seaweeds and shellfish that require zero inputs while sequestering carbon—making it the most sustainable form of food production on the planet. They’ll be partnering with Olmo to create bagels of the future, made from sustainable farming practices. Regenerative ocean farming has been identified as a key solution to climate change. Eating delicious bagels has been identified as a key solution to hunger and brain-exhaust. With this dream team, you’re guaranteed restoration. 

Bren Smith from GreenWave, pioneer of regenerative ocean agriculture and James Beard Award Winner, introduces the world to a groundbreaking solution to the global climate crisis. 

Check out Bren's book, "Eat Like a Fish" here!

Remember: Each ticket includes food and drink from Olmo. You can pick up from Olmo (93 Whitney Avenue) on June 11 between 11 AM and 5 PM.


Bren Smith is Co-Executive Director of GreenWave, a nonprofit dedicated to training and supporting the next generation of ocean farmers, and owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm. A lifelong commercial fisherman and pioneer of regenerative ocean farming, he was named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s “25 People Shaping the Future” and featured in TIME magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2017”. Bren is the winner of the Buckminster Fuller Prize and has been profiled by 60 Minutes, CNN, The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, and elsewhere. He is an Ashoka, Castanea, and Echoing Green Climate Fellow and James Beard Award-winning author of Eat Like a Fish: My Adventures Farming the Ocean to Fight Climate Change.


Olmo gets its name from the origin of the restaurant in the Elm City of New Haven, CT. Founded by chefs - the guest experience comes first through quick, quality meals prepared from scratch. Olmo Bagelry, located upstairs, features Jewish Deli inspired creations using New England ingredients. They bake all our own products and hand make them too! You’ll find them stretching the definition of the name with deli sandwiches, cheese, prepared foods, drinks, and more!