Juneteenth Day: "Visions of Our Future" Virtual Performances

With the Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven



Join us on Juneteenth for the "Visions of Our Future" virtual performances. The artists performing will be M'Bosse Dance Company of Senegal and Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company with music by Elder Brian Jarawa Gray, Antwain Johnson, Jr. as Fred Hampton, and the Rahsaan Langley Project. This event will be hosted by Hanan Hameen, Co-Founder of the Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven.

Elder Brian Jarawa Gray

Brian Jarawa Gray born in New Haven, CT., Jarawa began his music career in his teen years as a percussionist for the renown jazz band Deja Vu Noir under the mentorship of band leader, the reverend Dr. Dwight Andrews. In Deja vu noir, Jarawa performed alongside the now world renown music artists Pheroan Aklaff, Jay Hoggard, Nat Adderley Jr., Gerri Allen, and a host of others. Jarawa also played Conga, light percussion, before his study and playing of Marimbas, African Djembe and Dun Dun Drums. Jarawa was also a member of the Chuck Davis Dance Company, Kufain Keneke led by Tatchol Camara, drummer for the African Drum and Dance (Nzinga) at Yale University, Music Director and drummer for Konjo African Drum and Dance out of Yale University, Founder, Drummer and Music Director of Kika Ese African Drum and Dance Company. Co-Founder of The Healing Drum Society, Founder Dancer and Drummer for the Total Movement Society, Founder, Band Leader, Music Director of the Vision Contemporary and Jazz music Band, and Musical Director of Artsucation Academy Network’s Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company (KCPAC). Jarawa played in many venues across the country including Lincoln Center, 7th Avenue Theater, Woolsey Hall, University of Michigan, and Harvard University. Jarawa taught and instructed drumming at Wesleyan University, Yale University, and Amistad Academy. Jarawa has developed and taught the curriculum he named, Natural Centric Drumming and World Music, which combines African, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Puerto-Rican Bomba, and Native American styles. You may access, hear, and see Jarawa’s work on YouTube, Facebook, United Masters, iTunes, and SoundCloud as Blackfist Productions.

Hanan Hameen

Co-Founder of the Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven

Ms. Hanan Hameen, Doctoral Candidate is the Founder of the Artsucation™ Academy Network, Ms. Hanan’s Dance and Beyond, New Haven Hip-Hop Conference, and Premiere Dance Company at Neighborhood Music School. Ms. Hameen is also Artistic Director of the BAM DanceAfrica Candle Bearers founded by Baba Dr. Chuck Davis, and an Adjunct Professor. Currently, Ms. Hameen is pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Administration, Master equivalent in Dance Education, Master of Science in Educational Leadership with an Advanced Certificate in School Building Leadership, Dance Education Laboratory Alumni, a Lupus support group facilitator, an author, dance mentor, and curriculum developer. Before Lupus diagnosis in 2010, Ms. Hameen performed with 13 dance companies, instructed at 8 colleges and universities, choreographed for major and independent artists, founded 6 dance companies, and owned/operated 4 dance schools during her dance career of over 30 years. Now being employed disabled, through Artsucational™ events she uplifts the community domestically and abroad. Ms. Hameen’s awards and recognitions include three honors societies and Arts Council of Greater New Haven 2018 Phenomenal Woman and Artist Commission Awardee. Her doctoral research interests are on STEAM education, culturally relevant instruction, and gifted and talented African-American youth. During this pandemic Ms. Hameen is hosting an online diasporic class series with former artists from BAM Dance Africa and national dance companies.

Antwain Johnson, Jr.

My name is Antwain Johnson Jr. but I go by "AJ". I am 14 years old. I currently attend Barnard Magnet School and I am going to attend Notre Dame High School next year. I am the future Youth President of Ice The Beef. I have helped to create many community events, marches and rallies. When I grow up I will become an actor and entrepreneur.

Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company (KCPAC)

The Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company (KCPAC) was created by Ms. Hanan Hameen, Doctoral Candidate, as a means to display cultures of the African diaspora through live dance, song, and music. Our members include our Artsucators who teach and facilitate programs in the community and schools using the Artsucation curriculum and teaching methodology. Artsucation™ is the formal and successful interdisciplinary application of the Arts as creative sciences with traditional academic subjects. Our mission is to provide young people, ages 3 to 21, with passion, drive, and creative and leadership skills in order to elevate their sense of self-worth and make them more productive adults in society by offering instructional programs in dance and music that are embedded with history, literacy and social context elements, whereby the participants will be given responsibilities and opportunities to experience success in every lesson.

M'Bosse Dance Company of Senegal

Mbosse Dance Company is the first professional 100% Contemporary and 100% local dance company based in Kaolack. A company that started to exist in 2015 through its Artistic Director Baidy Ba and as an individual artist. The activities of this project took it to France in 2017, to England and to Brazil in 2018 and during the same year Senegal hosted the project. In a collaboration between Italy, London, Spain and Senegal July 2018, the company has been invited to do a collective work with these countries and presents a solo titled MIRROR at the Chelsea Theater in London as part of the project. As part of the Trans Musical Festival of Rennes (France) December 2019, Baidy Ba was invited to perform with the music group Guiss Guiss Bou Bess from Dakar, thus followed a tour of the concept Sabar Fusion in Collaboration between Mbosse Dance Company and Movement Deco by Baidy Ba followed in Italy (Roma) and Greece (Athens) January 2020. It is in 2019 that the company was able to expand with today 13 members including eight (8) dancer performers, A Choreographer and Artistic Director, A Co-Choreographer, a Co-Artistic Director and two (2) musicians. With the company's contribution to the development of the dance sector in Kaolack, the first mixed dance center was created, including the “Mbosse Dance Training Center”. A center based on the Alliance Française de Kaolack and which has now trained more than 50 young schoolchildren. Still for the development of the Dance sector, the structuring and professionalization of actors in the sector and within the framework of Covid-19; the company, in collaboration with the association Saloum Rapatak organizes the Dundee Art Project Concept which is an online training project in interpretation and choreography, an online dance competition and awareness videos of short films dancing on the current Kaolack during the pandemic period. This project will last 4 months and funded by the French institute. To finish this list which is far from being finished, the company is working today on its first major collective production of 100% Afro, Hip hop and contemporary dance in Kaolack entitled “SELE BE YONE” which was present in front of the Chef de the cultural cooperation of the French Embassy and as part of its courtesy visit to Kaolack (Alliance Française de Kaolack). This piece is also present at the 11th edition of the Kay Fecc Festival 2021 in Dakar.

The Rahsaan Langley Project

Rahsaan Langley performs high-energy dance music reminiscent of the golden oldies mixed with today's hits for all ages to enjoy while dancing & singing along. Rahsaan's voice is refined, smooth, and soothes the soul. He has the ability to show emotions through his music and brings listeners to a happier place. Rahsaan has been in the business for more than 20 years and has helped develop, create, and produce some of the most influential songs and artists in the industry. He toured with seasoned artists like the late great Gerald Levert, R Kelly, Mint Condition, and Uncle Charlie, and aided with Big L’s success in going gold. Rahsaan worked for years as an in-house producer for Teddy Riley and worked side by side and produced for Lauryn Hill, Talib Kweli, Joe Budden, Gerald Albright, Tony Toni Tone, 702, Misa(Japan), Teddy Pendergrass, Tony Terry, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Glenn Jones, Blackstreet, Wrecks N Effect, David Miller, Shomari, The Fugees, and LL Cool J.