DRAGtastic Journey

In partnership with the New Haven Pride Center

Get ready to WORK and SLAY on the DRAGtastic Journey featuring some of New Haven’s local drag royalty! At this larger-than-life event, drag performers and entertainers including Glass Staine, Paxx Headroom, Sparkle A. Diamond, Kenya Mone Heart, Mia E Z'Lay, Bubblicious, Laiylah Alf Aw Laiylah, Miz Destiny, Kiki Lucia, and Miss Shalae are putting Pride at the forefront of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Each performer will represent a unique value of Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community while simultaneously evoking futurism meets fantasy to offer an educational, but out-of-this-world performance that will surely snatch your wig clear off your head! And in case you spotted Beyoncé wandering the grounds, don’t be alarmed. Joining the eleganza extravaganza for a grand finale you won’t want to miss, Miss Shalae, the world’s #1 Beyoncé tribute artist, will be serving up “Single Girl” realness and sending us all directly into the stratosphere with her performance.

Family Friend-level Insiders are invited to join us in the Alexion Hospitality Lounge for this event! LEARN MORE

The 6-Color Pride Flag is one of the most well-known and used LGBT flags throughout history. This flag includes the colors red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet. Find out what the colors symbolize--and more--by downloading the PDF below.

Miss Shalae

Beyonce Impersonator

Instagram: @miss_shalae

Michell’e Michaels is a Bay Area native. Born and raised in Oakland California. She is known as the “#1 Beyonce impersonator in the world.” She has lit stages on fire from California to Paris leaving ashes behind. She is an artist in her own right as she uses Beyoncé’s music to tell a story and share a message from a black woman of trans experience perspective. Michell’e is a staple in the ballroom community as the overall mother and co-founder of the Haus of Basquiat and prides herself in helping educate the community by working with nonprofits on issues faced by the LGBT people.


Glass Staine

Hot Pink- Sex

Instagram: @glassstaine


Paxx Headroom

Red- Life

Instagram: @paxxheadroom


Sparkle A. Diamond

Orange- Healing

Instagram: @kishorn_sparkle


Kenya Mone Heart

Yellow- Sunlight

Instagram: @kenyamone_ct

Twitch: Kenyamoneyheart


Mia E Z'Lay

Green- Nature

Instagram: @miaezlay



Turquoise- Magic & Art



Laiylah Alf Aw Laiylah

Turquoise- Magic & Art

Instagram: @iamlaiylahthemagnifiscent


Miz Destiny

Blue- Serenity

Instagram: @destinynationsroyal


Kiki Lucia

Violet- Spirit

Kiki Lucia (she/her) is a Connecticut-based drag performance artist with a vast training and artistic background that includes : classical ballet, aerial acrobatics, music theatre, modern dance, and acting. She also has experience in theatre production, directing, costume and production design, and producing.

Instagram & Twitter: @misskikilucia 



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