In this interactive storytelling event featuring SheSpeak, a collaborative of creative women from throughout Connecticut, audience members will share a personal story inspired by the theme of “connection.” Then, a writer onstage will craft a short piece which will then be performed by the actor, all in real time. SheSpeak strives to provide safe places for women to share in the experience of live theatrical creation, whether by watching or participating.


SheSpeak is a circle of creative women from CT. We present our “Live Storytelling Event” an innovative program designed to bring audience, writer and performer together. This unique storytelling is a live interactive sharing of an audience members’ personal story inspired by the theme “Connection”, the writer creates a short piece, which is then performed by the actor. This all takes place in a single event. This exciting sharing has been done with great enjoyment by all present. What our participants have said about this event:

“I never thought my story was so dramatic.”

“I feel closer to these people than I have to anyone in a long time. And we just met today!”

“I learned how to really listen, I didn’t relate to her story until I focused on how it made her feel.”

Our goal is to provide a safe place where women may come and share in the experience of live theatrical creation. Whether we share pieces we have written or we create a piece during an event our goal remains the same to create a safe haven where women may be seen and heard by a supportive community. We use a variety of creative practices, bringing audience members, writers and performers together.