CT Food Launchpad Expo

Spice up your dishes with a little something extra from local culinary masterminds and fall in love with a variety of flavors at the CT Food Launchpad Expo. Explore the depth and breadth of New Haven food startups like Ghanaian sauce makers Oh Shito!, plant-based food purveyors Fire Ox Foods, and Asian superfood extraordinaire Bo-yi Foods. The Connecticut Food Launchpad helps local food businesses plug into regional supply chains, grow their brands, and test kitchens and business advice from the same minds behind Chabaso bread and Atticus.

Bo-yi Foods

Bo-yi is making Asian superfoods accessible to everyone first through an Asian superfood drink line featuring the Jujube, Hawthorn, and Chrysanthemum. We've recently launched in NYC, CT, and online in Fall 2021. Bo-yi is founded by Tiffany Leong.

Angela's Kitchen

Angela’s Kitchen Sauce recipes are made with fresh top shelf ingredients and no added sugar. A family business that was founded July 12, 2018. A new business with old family recipes that go back three generations. Our pasta sauces are just like homemade with their own unique taste that brings you back to your childhood days.

Fire Ox Foods

I founded Fire Ox to create a more sustainable food system. My heart's passion is to create good, nourishing food that is better for people and planet. My passion comes from my love of food as well as my time at Americorps and Common Market learning how to grow food and how the unjust industrial food system shapes our diets and bodies.

Zoë is in charge of sales, marketing, and fundraising at Fire Ox. Before creating Zoni and Fire Ox, she was the third employee at a local food distributor startup called Common Market MidAtlantic where she helped grow sales of local food significantly. She has an MBA and Masters of Environmental Management from Yale University.

At Fire Ox, we're on mission to help people eat more vegetables. We make a line of delicious, frozen veggie bowls with recipes inspired by cuisines from around the world. We are excited to sample our meals and tell people about our brand, products and vision.


KDCROP FARMS is a woman owned, family run farm business by Kelly Caisse. We grow vegetables and fruits and produce a line of tasty, expertly produced food accents boasting a variety of familiar and exotic flavors of relishes, pickles, jams, chutney, and salsas that are farm raised, hand made, and naturally grown in the Last Green Valley in CT for the garden fresh, farm to table experience.

Oh Shito!

We are a family-owned, Ghanaian-American food product brand that manufactures a variety of pepper sauce condiments ubiquitous to Ghana, West Africa. We source the majority of our ingredients from local farmers in Connecticut and aim to build a cultural bridge to the rich cuisines of Ghana and West Africa through our savory yet spicy pepper sauce.

Mugger's Marrow

Makers of “Stick ‘Em Up!” Grilling Glaze & Marinade. A flexible organic condiment with no granulated sugar. It’s a base of agave, garlic and fruit along with an international blend of dry ingredients to make the sauce sweet and savory with a spicy kick in most instances.

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