Canoe Mill River

In partnership with the New Haven Department of Youth and Recreation

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A roundtrip water excursion along the historic 3-mile Mill River. American inventor Eli Whitney, Sr. came to Mill River in 1798 to use the water’s power for running machinery; 62 years later his son turned the river into the first public water supply for the city of New Haven. Eventually it gave way, as a power source, to steam engines and electric motors, but it continues to this day to supply water for the city. (Courtesy of the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop website.)

New Haven Department of Youth and Recreation

The Department of Youth and Recreation mission statement is as follows: Ensuring all New Haven youth are aware and have access to positive opportunities to meet their basic needs to [1] be safe, cared for, valued and independent; [2] build skills and competencies that will allow them to thrive and contribute to society; and [3] enhance the quality of life for New Haven youth by creating an atmosphere of community through people, parks and programs.

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