Story Workshop with Nestor Gomez

Learn how to craft engaging stories with veteran storyteller Nestor Gomez, three-time Chicago Grand Slam Champion and author of Your Driver Has Arrived, a collection of stories centered on his experiences as a ride-share driver. In this workshop, he’ll share how he crafts engaging stories.

Nestor "The Boss" Gomez

Nestor “The Boss” Gomez Was born in Guatemala and came to Chicago Undocumented in the mid 80’s. He told his first story at a Moth story slam to get over the stuttering that plagued his childhood, since then he has won more than 60 Moth Slams and several Grand slams. Nestor also created, host, produce and curates his own storytelling show 80 Minutes Around the World a show that features the stories of Immigrants and refugees from different parts of the world, their descendant and allies . 80 Minutes Around the World is also available as a Podcast.


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