A Natural and Cultural Journey: Outer Island National Wildlife Refuge

Presented by Friends of Outer Island

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Ever wondered what life is like on an island in Long Island Sound? Visit Outer Island National Wildlife Refuge, the only public island in the famous Thimble Islands of Branford, Connecticut. The 5-acre pink granite oasis is home to native species of birds, marine creatures, and plants, and features historic structures and nautical landmarks including the Hird House, pollinator gardens, and an amphitheater. Patrons will ride out to the island on a single boat run by Thimble Island Ferry. They meet at 4 Indian Point Rd, Branford at the Stony Creek Dock.

Friends of Outer Island

The Friends of Outer Island is an all-volunteer organization with 501(c)3 non-profit status working in partnership with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the Connecticut State University System. Our mission is to preserve the natural and coastal resources of Outer Island, provide environmental education and wildlife-dependent recreation to visitors and underrepresented groups, and assist with the maintenance and improvement of island facilities.

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