A Walk with Handsome Dan

In partnership with the Yale Visitor Center

FREE. Yale University mascot Handsome Dan XIX is excited to take YOU for a walk on a tour of Yale’s campus...from a bulldog’s point of view. See all of Handsome Dan’s favorite places to relax, greet visitors, and play sports. If it couldn’t get any better than having a dog show you around Yale, everyone will get to take pictures with the beloved bulldog on the Handsome Dan bench on Broadway.

Handsome Dan

HANDSOME DAN XIX, aka KINGMAN, is the official Yale Mascot. Kingman is named after the late Yale President Kingman Brewster. He loves meeting new people, playing with his best friend Heidi, and eating peanut butter. He was born on January 2, 2021 and become the official mascot on March 18, 2021. Most days you can find him greeting visitors at the Yale Visitor Center, taking walkies around campus, and cheering on the Yale Bulldogs at sporting events.

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