Creative Arts Workshop Presents: Reshaped and Refocused

A One City, One Read Partner Event

Creative Arts Workshop is featuring the work of the artists Amira Brown, Greg Aimé and Mosho in the exhibition “Reshaped and Refocused” excavating themes of novelist Octavia Butler’s sci-fi classic Parable of the Sower

An artist talk and reception will take place June 10 at 6pm.

Reshaped and Refocused
Window Gallery, Lower Level
Friday, June 10 - Saturday, July 9, 2022



Greg Aimé

Greg Aimé explores the complex relationship of African descendants of the diaspora – foregrounding history, spirituality, and royalty. He seeks to bridge the past and the present, as well as Eastern and Western culture, to showcase similarities within diversity.

Amira Brown

Amira Brown layers personal, psychological, social and recorded moments, creating speculative histories and places of potentiality. She disrupts societal standards of black value as cultural capital to be exploited, activating narratives of empowerment and nuance.  


Mosho is a multimedia artist who deploys paint, plastic sheeting and other materials to construct installations that explore issues of identity, community and belonging. 

Creative Arts Workshop


Creative Arts Workshop is a nonprofit regional center for creativity that has served the Greater New Haven area since 1961. As an anchor institution located in the heart of the award-winning Audubon Arts District, CAW offers a wide range of visual arts classes and engagement in creativity in its own three-story building with fully-equipped studios in eight disciplines, and an active exhibition and public programming schedule.

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