Funk Band and Drum

with Velez & His Band and The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe is a 9 piece Afro-funk fusion ensemble, led by multi-percussionist Jocelyn Pleasant (although today's performance features a smaller version of the group). Their sound winds through many genres that are rooted in West African rhythms and sensibilities.

Although the group started in Middletown CT, they have deep ties to the Hartford music community.  While Connecticut roots are vital to the sound and direction of the group, each member also brings their own flavor and cultural background to the music. Song arrangements are fluid and each musician is encouraged to bring their personality to the forefront. This mixture of energies creates a unique and infectious blend of sounds and rhythms that is palpable to audiences, inviting participation and evoking a sense of joy.

In addition to its core members, Lost Tribe performances often include various special guests that reflect the large talent pool of their community. Regardless of the line-up, the staples of a Tribe performance are energy, stage presence and GROOVE. They have opened for international acts Mokoomba (of Zimbabwe), Trio da Kali (of Mali) and Dave East (2022 Trinity Hip Hop Festival), were a featured artist at the 2018 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz, and won first place at the 2019 Valley Music Showcase (of Western Massachusetts).