Kidz Kook

Don’t just learn to cook. Cook to learn in this delightful kids cooking class centered around environmentalism. Join New-Haven based lifestyle influencer, Tennille Murphy, leads this workshop that helps kids sample the benefits of plant-based cooking and taste the advantages clean, healthy eating.

Tennille Murphy

Tennille Murphy was born in the city of New Haven and received her education in Hamden Public Schools. She grew up in the town of Hamden and resided there until her early 20’s. She jokingly declares that “my little legs would cross the city line into Newhallville, New Haven most of my adolescent and teen years”. At the age of 19 years, she found her calling at the Dixwell Community House as a Children's Program Aide in an after- school program. Beloved Director Ted Hogan changed her life because he took a chance on her. She knew then that she would mentor and educate disadvantaged youth. Notwithstanding, Tennille fostered lasting relationships with residents and the families of the children she served. She formed loving and esteemed relationships with prominent community members and leaders. Needless to say, her heart is in Newhallville. She has mentored and educated hundreds of New Haven youth. For 20 years, she has had the opportunity to watch a multitude of children flourish into respected adults. Unfortunately, she witnessed a few lose their lives to gun violence, but the pain keeps the flame of dedication lit within her to make a change.

With a passion for education, literacy, and community activism since high school, Ms. Murphy now holds 3 degrees in the area of education. In 2012, Tennille became the Founder and Health Educator of Kidz Kook Association, Inc., a non- profit organization that teaches youth and low-income families how to eat and how to prepare healthy, delicious, and affordable meals. Tennille has an amazing teaching style that incorporates STEM, Art, and Literacy into teaching cooking, gardening, and nutrition to her participants. For example, she can take a child’s favorite book such as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and teach children food art by making a butterfly with fresh fruit.

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