Leland Faulkner: Walker Between Worlds

Walker Between Worlds is a journey into the world of Native American Stories. The oral history, natural observations, and culture of the First Americans is shared by Leland Faulkner a world traveler and performing artist who is a member of the Bad River Band of Chippewa.


Leland Faulkner

Leland Faulkner grew up in Africa, Afghanistan and Iran, and has traveled throughout Europe, and the Far East. He studied with a variety of distinguished teachers including master mime artist Tony Montanaro with whom he partnered for three years.

For four years he was the co-owner and director of The Celebration Barn Theatre, in Maine, there he established an international roster of master teachers and innovative workshops that continue to bring top ranked training experiences to the theatre field.

Leland is also an award winning film maker and digital media producer, holding a degree in Motion Picture Studies from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Some of his awards include a national Cine-Eagle Award, The Videographer’s Award, Best Children’s from The NY International Independent Film and Video Festival, and winner of The Maine Short Film Competition.

Leland has been a touring theatre artist for over twenty five years, and has performed and taught at international theatre and circus festivals in Hong Kong, Russia, China, Canada, the U.S., and Japan. For seven years he was on the distinguished roster of Affiliate Artists©, out of New York City, and was sponsored by major corporations to perform in communities around the United States as part of an artist residency program bringing career artists to underserved communities.

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