Brooklyn Rider: The Four Elements

A not-to-be missed musical experience! Brooklyn Rider is an adventurous string quartet that performs contemporary music with the energy of four young rock stars. Let the music move you as they bring to life the four elements of earth, air, water and fire as a musical metaphor for both the inner workings of a quartet — and the inter-related effects of climate change on our planet. Performing pieces commissioned by the Quartet as well as by other contemporary composers, they’ll deliver an inspiring musical call to action. Will you heed the call?

Air: Dutilleux - Ainsi la nuit
Fire: Shostakovich - String Quartet # 8
Water: Osvaldo Golijov - Tenebrae
Earth: Suite of American Folk Songs collected by Ruth Crawford Seeger, arranged by Colin Jacobsen


Brooklyn Rider

Johnny Gandelsman, Violin
Colin Jacobsen, Violin
Nicholas Cords, Viola
Michael Nicolas, Cello

With their gripping performance style and unquenchable appetite for musical adventure, Brooklyn Rider has carved a singular space in the world of string quartets over their fifteen-plus year history. Defining the string quartet as a medium with deep historic roots and endless possibility for invention, they find equal inspiration in musical languages ranging from late Beethoven to Persian classical music to American roots music to the endlessly varied voices of living composers. Claiming no allegiance to either end of the historical spectrum, Brooklyn Rider most comfortably operates within the long arc of the tradition, seeking to illuminate works of the past with fresh insight while coaxing the malleable genre into the future through an inclusive programming vision, deep-rooted collaborations with a wide range of global tradition bearers, and the creation of thoughtful and relevant frames for commissioning projects.

The upcoming concert season is strongly illustrative of the intrepid musical appetite of Brooklyn Rider. This fall, they began unveiling a major new commissioning and programmatic venture called The Four Elements; an exploration of the four classical elements (earth, air, water, and fire) as metaphor for both the complex inner world of the string quartet and the current health of planet Earth. Featuring new commissions - each based on an element - by Andreia Pinto Correia, Conrad Tao, Dan Trueman, and Akshaya Tucker, this project also features existing works from the repertoire including Shostakovich’s 8th String Quartet, Dutilleux’s Ainsi la nuit, Golijov’s Tenebrae, and American folk music collected by Ruth Crawford, newly arranged by Brooklyn Rider’s own Colin Jacobsen. This winter, the quartet will also release The Wanderer, their first ever live concert recording, made at Paliesius Manor in eastern Lithuania while on tour last spring. The album consists of two works written recently for Brooklyn Rider: Gonzalo Grau’s Aroma a distancia and Osvaldo Golijov’s Um Dia bom. Also featured is Brooklyn Rider’s signature interpretation of Schubert’s iconic “Death and the Maiden” string quartet. This season also sees the quartet reuniting with Magos Herrera across the U.S. for their Dreamers project. Looking further into the future, they will expand work already underway with Syrian clarinetist Kinan Azmah, including the future release of a collaborative album.

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