Keila Myles & The Moose Knuckles

KeyBank Concert Series

Keila Myles is a multidisciplinary artist based in Hartford, CT. She is best known for her work and performance as a musician. Her freshman project titled Just Add Water best sums up her ability to shape shift and aqueous to any genre and art form. Her style is a blend of R&B, soul, boom bap, classic rock and reggae. Keila draws from her American heritage in her lyricism and song-writing yet her delivery is reminiscent of classic reggae music. She will be performing with her band, The Moose Knuckles.


Keila Myles

Singer, songwriter, rapper, mother of two and now Podcaster , Keila Myles is no doubt a woman of many hats and a surefire force to reckon with. Those that have experienced this enigmatic being compare her to greats like Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and even the late Great Nina Simone! Undiscovered and undeniably gifted Keila Myles is a name you can expect to hear more of! Check out her freshman project titled "Just Add Water". Stay up to date on her latest by following her on Instagram.


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