A Dive into Special Education

Kiomary Sotillo, Parent Consultant of the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center will lead on conversation on the current state of special education and her experience as a parent of children with disabilities.

Kiomary Sotillo

Kiomary Sotillo, Bilingual Parent Consultant, is the parent of four sons. She has had two of her children receive services through Birth to Three. Currently, two of her children have IEP's and one is on a 504 plan. Between all of her children, she has experience with autism, ADHD, anxiety and impulsivity, mild hearing loss requiring hearing aids, specific learning disability in reading and auditory processing. She has worked with the Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center as a bilingual workshop facilitator and parent consultant since 2012. She facilitates training for Birth to Three Service Coordinators and has presented to families, pre-service teachers and other professionals, on various special education in both English and Spanish. Her focus is to help families and schools work as collaborating partners and to create an extension of support between home and school for students with special needs and their families.


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