The Bossa Nova Project

Brazilian Music & Happiness

The Bossa Nova Project was founded by Brazilian singer-songwriter/pianist, Isabella Mendes, with the intent to bring people together to share happiness through music. The project was inspired by the original Bossa Nova movement which took place during the Brazilian "Golden Era" in the 60’s, when Brazil was booming, culturally, socially and economically. Bossa Nova brought people together through the music. It began as a collaboration between friends and musicians, coming together without pretense or ego but more with a genuine interest in the new music. Musicians such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Nara Leão, Carlos Lyra, João Gilberto and others, would gather at each other's apartments to play and sing songs that celebrated the beach, beauty, "Carioca" life and nature while speaking of Love and Happiness. The goal of the Bossa Nova Project is to replicate that original intent: to share beautiful music with others in order to bring people together and to bring Happiness to the world. 


Isabella Mendes

Singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, and educator Isabella Mendes is one of New Haven and Hartford County’s top Brazilian and Jazz entertainers in the industry and has earned an impressive list of accomplishments well beyond her years. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Isabella started to study music at age four and hasn't stopped since. She has been studying with Grammy Winner pianist Fabio Torres and Emmy Winner vocalist Michal Towber. Isabella is also a leader in education  as the founder and owner of IMMusic Studio, a private music school, where she teaches piano and voice. She is an advocate for women and diversity in the arts, and is leading workshops bringing diversity through music in schools and community events.

Flavio Lira

Hailing from Brazil, Flavio Lira is based in New York City. Very active and eclectic, musical styles have never been a restriction for him, and since the beginning, he has performed with groups ranging from Popular Samba to Classical Chamber Music.

“Regardless of style, if there are great musicians on stage, I’m happy to be there!”

In 2013, Flavio moved to Boston, and during this stage of his journey, Flavio Lira kept developing the passion for his own musical roots, as well as working with different musical traditions of the world, such as Jazz, Caribbean music and others. Now in New York, Flavio Lira is able to fully employ his versatility as a musician, collaborating with different artists and performing in prestigious venues, such as Birdland and Jazz at Lincoln Center. As part of his most recent project, Flavio Lira is releasing the album Coffee Gold Sugar Cane, a rhythmic fusion of Brazilian grooves, Cuban clave, Colombian folkloric and jazzy chords.


Hailing from Brazil, Martché, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, was immersed in the world of music from an early age, growing up in a household that resonated with artistic expression. 

His paternal grandfather was a virtuoso guitarist and music educator in Rio de Janeiro, leaving behind a profound musical legacy. Following in his father's footsteps, a Brazilian musician who traveled the world performing guitar concerts before founding the renowned "Groove School of Music" in São Paulo, Martché inherited a deep passion for music. His American mother, a dancer, comes from a family of filmmakers, infusing his artistic journey with yet another form of expression and storytelling. 

Martché's initiation with music began at the age of 3 when he started playing the Cavaquinho. Over the years, he honed his skills on various instruments, including drums, bass, piano, percussion, acoustic guitar, and flute. 

At the age of 26, Martché created a samba big band named “Sacatraca Sissinhô”, a testament to his knack for orchestration and arranging. 

Throughout his career, Martché has shared the stage and recorded with an array of acclaimed artists: Elza Soares, Dominguinhos, Jimmy Bo Horne, Arlindo Cruz, Seu Jorge, Diogo Nogueira, Xande de Pilares, Dudu Nobre, Iza, Mano Brown, Marcelo D2, and many more distinguished names. 

Now, he is introducing his first solo project: "PASSAPORTE." This ambitious work embodies the essence of his musical journey, showcasing his growth as an artist and his unique creative vision.

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