Dooley-O and Ch'Varda

DJ Jam & Dance Party

We're throwing a Dance Party on the New Haven Green! Come on down and get your body moving to the groovy beats of Dooley-O and Ch'Varda as we celebrate the kick-off at Rhythm Exchange 2023.

Allen "Dooley-O" Jackson

Legendary Connecticut rapper-producer-DJ Dooley-O is widely recognized in DJ circles as the first in hip-hop to sample obscure 70's band Skull Snaps' It's A New Day and producer of the underground graffiti videos called GTV.



Ch’Varda is a multifaceted DJ and Producer that has a passion for music, arts, and humanity. While having a B.A. in Psychology, she aims to contribute to the world by creating new experiences with the community she serves and emphasizing the importance of authenticity in artistry. Ch’Varda has an eclectic/multigenre sound composed of:  90’s Hip Hop/House, 2000’s Pop/R&B/Hip Hop, 70's classics, and Reggae/Dancehall.

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