Compagnia TPO: +ERBA A Forest in the City

Presented in Partnership with The Legacy Theatre and part of the Gordon Geballe Environmental Series

+ERBA is an interactive show with two dancers who create together with children an imaginary city. The 'architect' dancer observes the landscape and draws the city with houses and streets. The other dancer loves the earth, the insects and draws grass and trees. The two characters move in an empty scene where projections on two large aligned screens evoke a room of wonder. Here their ideas, imagination and projects are drawn from movement and come to life. The architect creates houses full of color and light, the other dancer redesigns them by adding grass and trees. Slowly an imaginary city grows by combining their different sensitivities. The newborn city becomes a living environment and new characters and new events are added. The children come to color and populate the city. Insects appear, the seasons change and the city gets bigger, busier and more complex. Their dream of a green city is coming true. But there is also a factory that grows and grows, scaring away insects, birds, people and making greenery disappear. Together with the children, the dancers will design a new space where nature will grow and where a 'tree concert' can be expected.


Compagnia TPO

Based on Prato, Italy, Compagnia TPO used interactive, digital scenery to enhance theatrical dance performances that engage young audiences. Using their bodies to “paint” and “play music” with the ever-changing visuals onstage, the performers gently invite children in the audience to join them in their creative movement. Images and sounds interface with the bodies onstage, transforming live gestures and virtual landscapes into a charming interactive gallery. The company’s work has received awards for innovation and artistry in China, Poland, Italy, the United States and Spain.

The Legacy Theatre

The Legacy Theatre is a professional regional theatre company that enhances the Connecticut shoreline’s cultural scene, economy, educational opportunities, and quality of life through live theatre and related programs. This historic theatre in the Stony Creek village of Branford offers Mainstage Productions, Broadway Concerts, a Family Series, holiday performances, new works, classes, special events, and more to the town of Branford, the shoreline, and beyond. The Legacy strives to be a premiere Arts house and to ensure ongoing seasons of uplifting, inspiring, and challenging professional theatre and theatre training for all. With a dedicated staff and supportive volunteer base, Legacy Theatre enters their fourth season in Stony Creek this year, with performances including The Great American Mousical directed by Dame Julie Andrews Edwards and The Bridges of Madison County starring Broadway veterans Hugh Panaro (The Phantom of the Opera, Side Show) and Anne Runolfsson (The Phantom of the Opera, Victor/Victoria). More information on the Theatre and the 2024 Season can be found at

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