Mulan Fitness Art School

Don’t miss the vibrant dance performance by Mulan Fitness Art School! Led by the talented Ms. Jichun Sun, whose students showcase traditional Chinese dance styles alongside Mulan quan – a modern fusion of tai chi, yoga, and martial arts. With Ms. Jichun’s expertise and years of stage experience, the performance promises to be a delightful celebration of Mulan spirits and Chinese culture.

Jichun Sun

Ms. Jichun Sun - the principle and head coach of Mulan Art School started her training as Mulan Art performer since her early childhood. In February 1976, Jichun started her career as a professional performer at the Wenqu Opera House specialized in ‘martial role’ and ‘round female role/lead’. Benefiting from her years of stage experience, she has not only acquired all four performing techniques in Chinese traditional operas (considered the basics for an actor: singing, reciting, acting and martial arts performing) but also well acquainted solid performing skills. Thus, Jichun has become one of the popular favorite actress in the field of Wenqu Opera.

In the 80s, she has served as the main actress in many Wenqu Opera performances, especially in those large-scaled costume dramas including ‘Ms. Yang Eighth Saving Brothers’, ‘Lady White Snake’ and ‘Xue Dingshan and Fan Lihua’. Jichun’s performance in the drama of ‘Dangma’ and ‘Shasimen’ had awarded her with gold medals from professional Chinese traditional opera extravaganza in Hubei province, China. In the 90s, Jichun actively collect, compile, discover those vanishing folk songs, folk dances, folk rhyme and folk proverbs. Jichun has made significant contribution for saving and protecting those folk culture. Considering Jichun’s extraordinary contribution in both inheritance and development to Wenqu Opera, she was awarded with an honorary title - The Designated Wenqu Opera Inheritor.

Now, Jichun is a member of Chinese Folk Artists Association; member of Chinese Dramatists Association. She also serves as the president of the Cheongsam Association - New Haven chapter. As a senior Mulan Art coach, Jichun has been actively involved in the Mulan Art School operations. Other than coaching Mulan Art, Jichun also actively involved in community services with her Mulan Art School members, participating in various arts festival activities. Jichun has made remarkable achievements in the continuing efforts to promote traditional Chinese culture in the State of Connecticut.