Festival 2017 in Reviews

Festival 2017 is big news - drawing press from throughout the region to cover our World Premieres, Festival-Commissioned works and world-class performers. Celebrate their performances with a look back at our Festival in Reviews.

Manual Cinema: The End of TV
World Premiere & Festival Commission

“A carefully choreographed ballet of light, sound, and movement that brings to life an alternative reality where movies are created live, on stage, right before the audience’s near-disbelieving eyes". . ."the beauty of The End of TV lies in its dual status as an affecting story and effective storytelling.“ -New Haven Independent

“takes back the notion of storytelling from the special-effects-laden spectacles of current films and creates its own special-effects version of how to tell stories live, as theater.” -New Haven Review

“Local audiences will surely see nothing of this ilk on land or sea elsewhere.” -New Haven Register

"The End of TV"'s artistry is awesome. Its impact is profound, unique, indescribable." -Hartford Courant


BLACK GIRL: Linguistic Play
Camille A. Brown & Dancers

“A thrill to watch, a triumph of movement and music, each gesture carrying meaning and emotion”. . . “despite the harrowing existence the piece hinted at, and the struggles the women faced as they moved into adulthood, from minute to minute the joy of life shone through.” -New Haven Independent

Whitman, Melville, Dickinson - Passions of Bloom
World Premiere & Festival Commission

“The strength of the piece is in Bresnick’s way of working with the words, to give them musical settings that can complement Bloom’s changing tones . . .and, at the same time, support the lyrical power of the great writers’ words. . .”exemplifies the mind’s intense attachment and attention to the written word in its most fervent and deeply American uses.” -New Haven Review

“A Stunning Event.” -New Haven Review

Festival Co-Commission

"A powerfully moving, beautifully sung oratorio." -Hartford Courant

Wu Man + Miro Quartet
World Premiere & Festival Commission

“A splendid classical music event.” -New Haven Register

LEO - The Anti-Gravity Show

“We feel at times we are truly watching weightless stunts because movement . . . appears to be governed by the dynamics of animation rather than actual physics.” “fulfills a wish to defy gravity and at the same time makes us happy to return to the norms we’re used to observing.” -New Haven Review