4th Annual New Haven Documentary Film Festival

Eleven days of memorable documentaries—from the best local productions to the internationally renowned. Premieres include Stephen Dest’s I am Shakespeare: The Henry Green Story (2017), about a New Haven high school student with a double life, and Sebi Medina-Tayac’s look at a small town in rural Mexico—many of whose residents now live in Fair Haven (Tlaxcala Dreams, 2017). Jim O'Connor’s Food Haven (2017) celebrates New Haven’s culinary scene while Jennifer Abod’s The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen (2016) celebrates the life of longtime New Haven resident and dance guru. And much, much more!

Second Wave Verité: The Cinema of Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker

Award-winning documentarians Pennebaker and Hegedus have played a crucial role revitalizing the cinema verité tradition in the digital era. Our selection of their recent documentaries spans twenty-five years of filmmaking from a behind-the-scenes look at Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign for president (The War Room) to Unlocking the Cage, their animal rights feature that was first shown in 2016, but will be screened in a newly updated version. The filmmakers will be present to discuss their films over the long weekend.

Screenings & Conversations