with Kashyap Jani and Friends

Garba360 brings the exhilarating energy of folk dances garba and raas to new communities for all to celebrate through dance. Garba is a form of Indian folk dance and music from Gujarat, ever evolving through creative voices. Garba360 has enlivened festivals in Chicago, New York and San Francisco with the invigorating traditional music of Kashyap Jani and Friends and their shared passion about spreading their culture. The clapping, spinning and bright colors of garba commemorate wedding celebrations and the vivacious Hindu festival Navratri. Garba360 instructors guide new dancers, using the dance to educate about Navratri and its mythological importance.

Navratri represents the triumph of good over evil and also honors the togetherness of Indian culture. The word “garba” is derived from the Sanskrit word for “womb”. The dance is traditionally performed around a candle-lit clay pot known as a Garbha Deep, symbolizing life in the mother's womb and celebrating the feminine form of divinity within the body, in honor of the idea that all humans have Divine energy within them.

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