Headline Concerts

TROKER & Fulaso

Six musicians from all over Mexico, with different influences but the same goal of creating mesmerizing rhythms and presenting unrepeatable live experiences, Troker’s sound careens between the sublime and the dangerous. Fulaso’s FUnky LAtin SOul sound creates a soul-affirming, dance floor-burning party.

Jimmy Greene Quartet and New Haven Symphony Orchestra

GRAMMY nominated saxophonist, composer, arranger, and Connecticut native, Jimmy Greene, wrote and recorded the album Beautiful Life three years ago to celebrate the life of Ana Márquez-Greene, his 6-year-old daughter who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Now, Greene has released a sequel: Beautiful Life, Volume 2, and is bringing his music to the New Haven Green. He’s joined by musicians of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, one of the region's premiere symphonic ensembles, for an evening of poignant, reflective music that celebrates a beautiful life.

Gospel Fest: Made in New Haven

A 100-voice mass choir, spoken word artists, and dancers.

The Wailers & Rusted Root

The Wailers Band put reggae on the map. They brought reggae to the attention of the world outside of Jamaica, elevating Bob Marley to superstardom, and in the process, bringing the music of their home to audiences on every continent. The quintessential live band, Rusted Root has honed the perfect combination of musical intuition, freedom, and virtuosity for two decades, shaping their sound into their own vision of roots music and world rock.

Ticketed Performances

Black Girl: Linguistic Play

Camille A. Brown & Dancers

Award-winning choreographer Camille A. Brown uses the rhythmic play of - social dance, double dutch, stepin’, tap - and live, original music to represent a nuanced spectrum of black womanhood in a racially and politically charged world.


Festival Co-Commission

Created by the award-winning team of Byron Au Yong and Aaron Jafferis, (Be)longing is a powerful performance event reflecting our society’s collective emergence from large-scale tragedies.

Manual Cinema: The End of TV

World Premiere & Festival Commission

Manual Cinema combines shadow puppetry, cinematic techniques, and innovative sounds and music to create immersive stories.

Whitman, Melville, Dickinson- Passions of Bloom

by Martin Bresnick

A world premiere oratorio takes the thoughts of critic and professor Harold Bloom on a musical journey of passion, insight, and personal revelation.

We Are Citizens

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC

We Are Citizens is the culmination of a three-day intensive New Haven residency with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, a company whose mission is to partner with communities facing discrimination to inspire transformative action through theatre.

in-between/The chaos Project

Visual artist Phoebe HUI and choreographer CAI Ying blend their kinetic creations to curate a unique experience for each audience member. Immerse yourself in a hybrid of concert, performance, installation and kinetic sculpture with everyday objects from two premier Hong Kong artists.

Onnie Chan: Never Stand Still

What does it feel like to be contained in our chaotic world? Using elements of the ancient Chinese game, Mahjong, Never Stand Still gives audience members an opportunity to travel on a journey with people halfway around the world, in Hong Kong, for a completely new experience.

Wu Man + Miró Quartet

World Premiere & Festival Commission

East meets West as award-winning musicians perform together for the first time a new work by Chinese composer Xiaogang Ye.

Yale Institute for Music Theatre

Open Rehearsal Readings

This is an exciting chance for theater and music lovers to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the creation of new music theater.


The Anti-Gravity Show

A mind-bending, funny, surreal, and surprisingly touching work, LEO challenges the senses through the clever interplay of acrobatic physical theatre and video projection.

Ideas Talks

Altar'd Spaces