Interactive Activities

Coloring Pages

GET CREATIVE! Unleash your inner Bob Ross with these Festival Coloring Pages. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday for NEW coloring/activity pages and share them with us on social! #artideacolorpage

New Haven Heroes

In these times of social isolation, we appreciate the “helpers" in society more than ever. New Haven is home to the passionate and the compassionate, and as we look for ways to get through the days and the weeks ahead of us, let's look toward each other. Inspired by #togethernewhaven, the staff of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas highlights four local heroes in this first of many posts. Thank you for all you do!

Festival Zoom Backgrounds

Being in virtual meetings gives you the perfect opportunity to spice up your background. You are no longer confined to grey office walls (or white kitchen walls). Express yourself and your love for the Festival with these awesome backgrounds!