Juneteenth 2023

Juneteenth Elder Honoring Ceremony

The Elder Honoring is an annual tradition and trademark of the Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven. Each honoree is selected to be part of this revered ceremony that recognizes the work, accomplishments, and dedication of unsung members of the black community. Such persons usually go undetected, unappreciated and unrecognized by the very people they serve and fight for. We, the JCGNH, honor them, put them on the pedestal they deserve to be placed upon and pronounce their position of eldership. The Elder Honoring Ceremony is founded and hosted by Hanan Hameen of the Artsucation Academy Network.

Jarron Taylor All-Sing, Musical performance by Stefon Hawkins & Juneteenth Elder Honoring Celebration

Listen, sing, experience – the rich melodies and lush harmonies will be a feast for the senses! New Haven’s own Stefon Hawkins performs with New Hope Fellowship choir. His performance will be paired by a multigenerational community all-sing led by Jarron Taylor. All are invited to a Sunday masterclass with Jarron to learn the gospel techniques and perform for the community on the Alexander Clark stage.

Jazzy’s Juneteenth Brunch


Juneteenth Celebration

Curated by Hanan Hameen & Official Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven

Artsucation Network & Juneteenth Coalition 10 Year Anniversary/6th Annual Hip Hop Conference.

The Official Juneteenth Coalition has collaborated with Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities in conducting a parade from the old Stetson Library to the New Haven Green.

The Legendary COLD CRUSH Brothers will be appearing on the NEW HAVEN UPPER GREEN Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the Juneteenth Coalition of Greater New Haven Festival Celebration in recognition of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop. Starts 2PM SHARP! Be there!

A Divine Homecoming & O'Sound

KeyBank Concert Series

Imagine if New Haven had a historically black college. In 1831 New Haven had the opportunity to host the nation’s first Black college but due to opposition from the City’s elite, the college never came to fruition. A Divine Homecoming is an intergenerational production honoring HBCU history and legacy through storytelling and step creating an imagined experience of what could’ve been.