Stories 2023

The Multifaceted Nature of Story with Laconia Therrio

WORKSHOP: We all hear stories, but what does Story do? How does Story affect the Teller? How does Story affect the Listener? How can Story affect Society at large? In this workshop participants will consider why we tell stories and how stories affect us as both Teller and Listener. Be the story Folktale, Fable, Legend, Scary or Personal, something happens when Story is shared.

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Stir the Style

Love a good story? Then you definitely won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind event. It’s a storytelling mash-up featuring all styles of great stories told through all flavors of engaging formats — from spoken word and folktelling to personal narrative and rap. Each teller takes the stage for just a 10 minute performance...but no doubt, many will leave you with lasting memories of the stories they share.

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Reconnect to Purpose

WORKSHOP: The power of story. This workshop, led by Denise Keyes Page the founder of Ubuntu Storytellers and co-founder of Women Tell by the Decades, introduces storytelling and listening as pathways to reconnect to purpose; to help us fill in the blank. Together in community we will respectfully mine our stories for the buried insights which can both strengthen and enlighten us. Our process begins with prompts for reflection in solitude, followed by pair and/or small group sharing of our recalled stories.

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Adult Invitational Poetry SLAM

In Partnership with The Word

Experience the power of live poetry with the top slam poets from throughout the Northeast. Equally skilled in their writing as in their delivery, the poets will engage and entertain guests while competing for a prize of $1000. Come cheer on these incredible performers as they battle for the top spot.

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Reinvention Rebels Podcast Live

The Reinvention Rebels podcast shares stories of amazing women, 50-90 years young, who have boldly reimagined life on their own terms, to find new purpose and possibilities.

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PechaKucha New Haven

How much can you share in 20 slides, 20 seconds each? PechaKucha, in which performers tell a story on a subject of their choosing in a unique presentational format, began in Tokyo in 2003, and has captured the imagination of storytellers and audiences throughout the world. Show up and learn several new things very quickly!

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