Tours 2023

Building Projects, Affordable Housing, and New Haven

Yale School of Architecture, Neighborhood Housing Services, and Columbus House joined forces to match New Haven residents with affordable housing. Learn about the program and visit some of the exciting building projects.

Welcome to Newhallville

Come and be inspired by the possibilities of community vitality building! You will embark upon history and rebuilt beauty and splendor in one of New Haven’s top up and coming neighborhoods.

Back to School

New Haven has a diverse education program from public/private schools to magnet/charter/regional schools to home schooling, where every individual has a place to learn. On this ride you will learn about all the educational opportunities available in New Haven.

Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know New Haven? Test your knowledge of the Elm City and win fabulous prizes as we close out Festival 2023.

Bibliophilia & Taphophilia: The Living Archives of the Dead in New Haven

Two great archives are neighbors in New Haven: Grove Street Cemetery, the nation’s first chartered burial ground, established 225 years ago in 1797, and Beinecke Library, North America’s largest building dedicated exclusively to rare books and manuscripts.

Visit the Ely Center at the Historic John Slade Ely House

Learn about the history of the Ely Center of Contemporary Art (formally known as the John Slade Ely Center of Contemporary Art) at 51 Trumbull Street in New Haven.

Industrial Heritage of New Haven

History, technology and industry collide on this overview of New Haven's industrial heritage. How will this legacy impact tomorrow's New Haven?

How Sound is the Sound

Tour the Outer Island and join us in engaging in activities focused on understanding Clean Water!

Your Passport to City Parks

Granite rubbing stones are scattered throughout New Haven Parks. Get your passport and start collecting your stone rubbings on this tour and learn some park history along the way.

Lost in New Haven

Come get "Lost in New Haven" history with local artist and collector Robert S. Greenberg. View an ever expanding collection of New Haven's illustrious past with authentic artifacts and stories from the individuals and families who built New Haven from the ground up.

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Tapping the Possibilities

Learn how an element as seemingly simple as water can have a major impact on the community by touring an innovative water treatment plant. Learn how water from Lake Whitney is treated and delivered to New Haven and how the Regional Water Authority ensures that they’re providing clean and reliable water to its customers.

Backyard Beekeeping 101

Learn about honey bee biology, the importance of pollinators, and taste our local honey. We’ll also suit you up and open a honey bee hive together! This includes checking to ensure the queen and colony is healthy, feeding, and treating for pests as needed. Make sure to wear socks and closed-toe shoes!

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Introductory Tour of Beinecke Library

During this 30+ minute introductory tour, participants will learn about the exhibitions and collections that are fully accessible to all.

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Family Day at Outer Island


Capture small invasive crabs, observe herons and cormorants with binoculars, drag a net to collect small bait fish and algae, become a marine citizen scientist…measure the salt and oxygen in the water. Have fun discovering the island Refuge in Stony Creek CT: learn its history. Bring a picnic; choose a glacial rock for your spot.

SOLD OUT: Please contact our Box Office at 203.498.3771 for additional support.