In this time of social isolation, it's more important than ever to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and feel the sun on your face. We're working with our community partners to bring you self-guided walking tours of New Haven's most beautiful and fascinating spots, bike tours that will take you down city streets and further afield to peaceful pastures, and virtual tours of your favorite museum spaces. More tours will be added throughout the spring and summer. Check back often for new adventures!

Arboretum Tour of the Grove Street Cemetery

This self-guided arboretum tour takes visitors on a 1.3-mile loop around the only arboretum in Greater New Haven to view an impressive selection of 40 plant species. Master gardeners Karyl K. Evans and Marilyn Elsworth have highlighted plants along the route in a brochure complete with original leaf drawings from live specimens.


New Haven's African American, Indigenous, and Latin History

This tour through Dixwell neighborhood focuses on its dynamic black history. It was developed by the African American and Latinx history class from Metropolitan high school and adds historical context to stops along the way. Learn about notable resident John C. Daniels, first Black Mayor of New Haven. Visit sites crucial to the founding of CT Students for a Dream, and the history of activism in New Haven. Even long term residents of New Haven will be able to learn more about our beloved city's rich history. Download the map below and click each pinpoint for information about the tour sites.


New Haven Notables

Michael Bolton. Edward Bouchet. Meryl Streep. New Haven has been home to some of history's most renowned doctors, artists, entertainers, athletes, and thinkers. The Chapel West Special Services district commissioned a series of murals to celebrate 31 New Haven Notables, and the map below is your guide to finding them all. Download the map, set out on a walk, and see if you can spot all 31 murals. If you snap a selfie with your favorite and tag Arts & Ideas on Instagram (@artsideasct), we'll post it here!


East Coast Greenway North

Hop on your stationary bike and travel north from New Haven to Cheshire and learn about plans to connect the former rail trail to Northampton, Mass, then visit historic Locks 12 and 14 along with our bike tour partners Elm City Cycling.


Or click on the link below for a map of the ride that you can enjoy on your own.


Bike Tour: Water, Water Everywhere

Hop on your stationary bike and explore New Haven's rich and varied water resources, its rivers, estuaries and harbor. Learn about the ways we enjoy and protect these fragile assets in a time of climate change and increasing ecological awareness.

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Or click on the link below for a map of the ride that you can enjoy on your own.


Shubert Theater Backstage Tour

For many years the Festival has partnered with the Shubert to present a "behind the curtain" look at the historic Shubert theater.  This year we are delighted to share this series of Virtual Tours hosted by Kelly Wuzzardo, Director of Education & Outreach Initiatives at the Shubert.

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