Columbus House Pavilion on the New Haven Green

Homeless: Housed is an interactive pavilion designed by students at the Yale School of Architecture and organized by Columbus House, a New Haven nonprofit with a longstanding commitment to end homelessness. Installed on the New Haven Green from June 9th-17th, the pavilion will highlight the work of several local organizations whose missions are to provide fair access to housing and address the needs of those experiencing homelessness. Over the course of the festival, these organizations will hold workshops and discussion events at the pavilion, providing the community with an array of tools and knowledge to tackle these issues and to prompt discussions about the meaning of home. The pavilion will exhibit graphics and illustrations that outline the state of housing in Connecticut as well as the personal stories of those experiencing homelessness. Visitors can leave their impressions and share their own stories about finding home by writing on a postcard or creating a drawing that will be documented and added to the exhibit over the course of the festival.

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