Brilliant: The Science of How We Get Smarter

Most of us assume that intelligence is immutable, set by our genetic inheritance or by our upbringing. Writer and reporter Annie Murphy Paul explodes that myth by revealing the impact of the microenvironment.


So: setting learning conditions and mindset is a key teacher competency.

Annie, like the title of her book, is brilliant. By asking us to look at the "water" in which we "swim" we can all get smarter. Thank you Annie for your myth-busting work.

Great talk, Annie. Would love for you to 'zoom in on' the effects of fear (in general) on intelligence. You mentioned bullying, which I appreciated very much. This is the kind of work that should inform schools and businesses, communities and neighborhoods, perhaps all of us. Thank you for sharing.

Great presentation: short, cute, and intelligent!!!

This research should be passed on to every parent and teacher! What a difference we can make to children's learning when we know what conditions to create in order to maximise their intelligence and ability to master tests and exams. Fascinating material. Thank you Annie. Hope every school buys your book.

Of course! It's the water! Thanks Annie this was terrific. Brilliant!

Of course! It's the water! Thanks for this Annie. Brilliant!

Eye opening! Thank you Annie

Mrs. Paul, I've watched your video several times and find your material fascinating and thought provoking. I look forward to your book.

Just recently I saw a speech by John Cleese on creativity that you might find interesting. His concepts seem to mirror yours in some ways.

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