Yvette Hicks, Creative Manager

Yvette Marie Hicks has been working for the International Festival of Arts & Ideas as the in-house graphic designer since 2017. This experience has allowed her to use her creative skills to attract a greater audience by implementing current styles and trends they admire through various marketing materials. Whether it be through designing Instagram highlight icons, creating websites, or producing digital and hard copy marketing content, her work captivates and entices viewers. In receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, her work tends to be simple, clean, and elegantly put together with splashes of creativity. Her interests include social media, fashion, photography, and graphic design. When not designing, Yvette will spend her days shopping the latest fashion trends and exploring the streets of Boston, New York, and Rhode Island in her Jeep.

Phone: 203.498.3712
Email: yhicks@artidea.org
Instagram: @yvetteehicks