Film & Exhibitions 2024

Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes + What Could Have Been - Film Screening

A special screening on the Beinecke Library mezzanine of two films that activate essential archives of New Haven, Yale, and national history - “Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes” and “What Could Have Been.”

Ghost Mountain

Film Screening/Q&A

Brace yourself for an unforgettable journey as we present the screening of "Ghost Mountain"! Follow the incredible story of Bunseng Taing, a resilient Cambodian refugee who triumphed over unimaginable horrors to find sanctuary in Connecticut. Discover his gripping tale, including a harrowing escape from the Killing Fields and a lesser-known ordeal. Stick around for a captivating Q&A session with Mae Bunseng Taing and James Taing, authors of "Under the Naga Tail." Join us for an evening of inspiration and reflection!

Farming While Black

Film Screening

Join us for a special screening of a powerful feature film highlighting the inspiring journey of young Black farmers, featuring Leah Penniman, the 2023 Visionary Leadership Awardee and author of “Farming While Black.” From the heyday of Black-owned farms in 1910 to their decline today, Leah and her colleagues at Soul Fire Farm shed light on the challenges faced by Black farmers in the United States. Explore the deep historical roots of African agrarianism and discover how a new generation is reclaiming their heritage to cultivate a brighter future for us all.

America Unfiltered: Portraits and Voices of a Nation

Directed by Horacio Marquinez and Kirill Myltsev

During the pandemic’s peak, two immigrant filmmakers from Panama and Russia traversed the U.S. to capture America’s essence. Their project, “America Unfiltered,” explores whether empathy and listening can bridge national divides. Through candid conversations on politics, race, love, and immigration, the film and photo exhibit aim to foster understanding and optimism for America’s future. This journey documents diverse American experiences, highlighting our common humanity in a time of division.