America Unfiltered: Portraits and Voices of a Nation

Directed by Horacio Marquinez and Kirill Myltsev

During the pandemic’s peak, two immigrant filmmakers from Panama and Russia traversed the U.S. to capture America’s essence. Their project, “America Unfiltered,” explores whether empathy and listening can bridge national divides. Through candid conversations on politics, race, love, and immigration, the film and photo exhibit aim to foster understanding and optimism for America’s future. This journey documents diverse American experiences, highlighting our common humanity in a time of division.

Horacio Marquínez

Horacio Marquínez is acinematographer, aka “Director of Photography”, DP, or DoP. As of 2022, he has made over 40 full length films across the globe, including feature films, TV movies, commercials and documentaries. Born and raised in Panama, he made his way to NYC obtaining his MFA from Columbia University Film School. Horacio has worked on set with renowned directors, producers and actors using his artistic vision to interpret visuals from scripts and elevate them in real life.

He has lent his talents as Professor of Cinematography at Columbia, UCLA and the LA Film School. Currently he splits his time between Los Angeles and New York City and is actively taking on projects for both cinematography and still photography, with a genre focus on drama and thriller projects.

Recent films and projects he’s worked on include Rome in Love and the political thriller Affairs of State, starring Adrian Grenier. Cásese Quien Pueda (“Get Married If You Can”) with Mexican star Martha Higareda. Other notable films include World’s Greatest Dad, a dark comedy starring the late Robin Williams, which premiered at Sundance with critical acclaim. He also filmed Starstruck for Disney, and Dummy, starring Adrien Brody and Mila Jovovich. He is a long-time collaborator with Director Eric Bross with whom they had collaboration in over a dozen films, including Ten BennyRestaurant, and A Country Christmas Story starring Dolly Parton. He is currently in pre-production for another American thriller America’s Favorite.

Horacio also directed “Rainbow Day Camp” a documentary about a Summer Camp for transgender children. The film opened to critical acclaim, accolades and awards on the film festival circuit. Horacio is not new to the press and has even been featured on “We The Aliens” podcast to learn more about his story.

You can learn more about cinematographer Horacio Marquinez and his most recent filmography here.

Horacio Marquinez is also an acclaimed still photographer capturing life around the world, including most recently the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. His work has been featured in acclaimed galleries such as Praxis Photo Art Center. Horacio hopes to collaborate on future projects.

His passion for still photography led to his most recent project where he directed and filmed America Unfiltered, a cross country docuseries and VR exhibition made during the pandemic. Currently in post-production, the film captures raw and emotional stories about how it feels to live in America today, focusing on topics ranging from politics to race to immigration to love.

You can view some of the portraits and still photography captured by Horacio while filming America Unfiltered here