More Art 2023

An Artist Conversation: The Making of Strange Light

Come and join us for a conversation with the artists behind "Strange Light," JLS Gangwisch and Kit Hung. They will take us through the creative journey of Strange Light, starting from the initial research stage, which involved interviews and the exploration of archival photos to the assistance of AI. They will also delve into the incorporation of Al in the creative process and discuss the project's shooting and workflow. This includes their experimentation with an aesthetic approach towards volumetric data and 3D scanned objects. Furthermore, they will highlight the integration of audio and visual elements in a captivating Mixed Reality space. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the artistic process behind Strange Light.

Architectural Scavenger Hunt

Presented by Docomomo US

Join Docomomo US, the national modern preservation organization, as we take to the sidewalks of New Haven to discover buildings from the city's past and present. Learn to read a building using the language of architecture and capture your favorite details, patterns and textures along the way.

Four Elements Exhibition Opening

Join Curator Alva Greenberg and artists Judy Cotton, Anindita Dutta, Jesse Good, Gabriel Warren as we celebrate and admire their work in the Four Elements Exhibition. Hospitality and music provided in Cafe Vincenzo, next to the New Alliance Gallery in Gateway. All are welcome.

Gateway's South building Room 102, at the corner of George and Church, New Haven, CT.

Strange Light: A VR/AR Project

You are invited to partake in this 15 minute unique VR experience designed by Kit Hung (Hong Kong) and JLS Gangwisch (New Haven/USA). "Strangelight - Being Bubblicious" offers a powerful and immersive VR narrative that sheds light on the rich and multifaceted experiences of a transwoman of color. Engage with her story, celebrate her resilience, and be inspired to embrace understanding, acceptance, and positive change. Join Bubblicious on this virtual journey and become part of her vibrant and inclusive community.

New Haven Day

New Haven Day brings together organizations, partners, and individuals for an interactive community resource day on the Green happening simultaneously during BEERfest.

Beneath the Green, The Quantum

In Partnership with Yale Quantum Institute

Festival visitors are invited to circulate through this light installation as if electrons ruminating within a closed quantum system. Not unlike the isolated, cold, and dark environment of a quantum device’s dilution refrigeration tank, the darkness of the night on the New Haven Green is traversed by striking bright lights.


Elements of Abundance: Fashion Essentials and Royal Couture

This carefully curated fashion show will take you on a chronological journey through the wardrobe of Ghana’s citizenry and royalty. Featuring a special performance by SĀHGE Academy's Contemporary African Dance Class, choreographed by Mariyama Shari Caldwell-Young, this cultural experience is perfect for youth, families and scholars of all ages.

Four Elements Exhibition

Curated by Alva Greenberg

Inspired by the essence of fire, water, earth, and air, each artist shares work to move the spirit and stir the consciousness towards greater connection and eco-empathy with the natural world. This exhibition hopes to resonate with the musical presentation of Brooklyn Rider which focuses on these powerful elements and our relationship to them. Featured artists: Judy Cotton, Anindita Dutta, Jesse Good, Gabriel Warren.

Bill Lowe's Signifyin' Natives

The renowned ensemble of Bill Lowe’s Signifyin’ Natives reassembles in New Haven to celebrate the release of their first cd recording, “SWEET CANE, Suites and Other Pedagogical Prompts,” including Lowe’s adaptation of Jean Toomer’s Harlem Renaissance masterpiece, CANE, first published in 1923. 45-minute Lecture Demonstration followed by an hour Concert

2023 Fellows Graduation

Congratulations to our 2023 Fellows! Celebrate with us as our high school fellowship students take center stage and graduate from their semester–long college–level course.