Strange Light: A VR/AR Project

You are invited to partake in this 15 minute unique VR experience designed by Kit Hung (Hong Kong) and JLS Gangwisch (New Haven/USA). "Strangelight - Being Bubblicious" offers a powerful and immersive VR narrative that sheds light on the rich and multifaceted experiences of a transwoman of color. Engage with her story, celebrate her resilience, and be inspired to embrace understanding, acceptance, and positive change. Join Bubblicious on this virtual journey and become part of her vibrant and inclusive community.

Kit Hung

2023 Yale-China Artist Fellow

Filmmaker, researcher and educator. Kit graduated from the MFA program from the Department of Film, Video and New Media, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His films have won numerous international awards, and were screened at over 200 international film festivals. His debut feature "Soundless Wind Chime" (2009, Hong Kong/Switzerland/China) was nominated for the Teddy Award at the Berlin International Film Festival and won him Best Director and Best New Director in Spain, Italy and Canada. His second feature “Stoma” was premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse International Film Festival, Taiwan. He is a PhD Candidate in the department of Media and Communications in Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK. And is a full-time faculty member teaching film studies and film production at the University of Westminster, UK. He also has extensive experience teaching marginalized queer communities in various cities in China, Germany, Thailand, Zimbabwe and Ghana utilising audio/visual languages to share their stories. His main research interests are Hauntology and Queer Asian Cinema.


Jeffrey L. Gangwisch

JLS Gangwisch is an artist and educator based in New Haven, CT.  They work with the interaction of digital and physical media with a focus on the human figure, often collaborating with various cinema and performance groups for video installation, cinematic exhibition, and new media distribution.  They are a founding member of the Baltimore-based new media collective strikeWare.


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