The Carrie Ashton Band

Carrie Ashton’s passion for music has been long standing; she began performing at the age of thirteen and never looked back. For almost 20 years Carrie has been performing and perfecting a stage show that is unpretentious and captivating. She is currently performing solo acoustic as well as with her band, and travels throughout New England and the east coast. Carrie has shared the stage with Natalie Merchant, the Go-Go’s, REO Speedwagon, Antigone Rising, Van Zant and Lucinda Williams. She has an innate ability to read the crowd and move them with her unique style and charisma, and her energy on stage is hard to ignore.

Armed with new songs and a bit of a new sound, she went back to The Groove Room to record the much anticipated follow up to “truth is.” Her newest release is titled “Invincible”, and Carrie states, “I feel like I’m going back to my roots a little more on this record. Though I’m New England born and raised, there has always been a part of me…something pulling me towards the real, heartfelt lyrics and sound of Country/Americana music. This record definitely reflects that.”

Carrie’s passion, determination and dedication to self improvement definitely shine through on “Invincible.” "Music for me is like breathing,” she says. “I feel that with this record I'm able to convey the emotion and energy I feel when I sing, and working with such amazing and talented musicians has really enabled me to grow as an artist.”

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