Headliner How-To 2019

The headline concerts on the New Haven Green—the big shows on Saturday and Sunday evenings—are among the most visible and exciting parts of each year's Festival. They are completely FREE and open to everyone to enjoy, so what are you waiting for? There are a number of ways that you can have fun at the concerts! Here are a few tips and tricks from our veteran Festival attendees.


First and foremost, just show up! The headline concerts (like all Festival activities on the Green) occur on the "lower" part of the Green between Temple and Church Streets, are 100% free to everyone, and do not require a ticket. You are welcome to swing by and grab any available spot to enjoy the concert.

If you'd like to sit right at the front of the stage, get there as early as you can. Spots up front are first-come, first-served. For our most popular concerts, attendees have been known to arrive early in the afternoon!

Unless you'd like one of those spots up front, there is no need to show up early! You will find plenty of space all over the Green offering a great view, great sound, and a great chance to dance.

As many as 10,000 to 15,000 visitors join us for the headline concerts, and the Green is a public park with open access.

Please be aware of your neighbors: if you'd like to be up dancing or would like to talk through the concert, go for it! But if you are seated in an area where people around you are enjoying the concert quietly and listening intently, please be mindful and move to an area where others are doing what you are (and vice versa). The Green is a big place and there is space for everyone!

There are no formal restrictions about smoking, however we do ask that you go to the outer pathways of the Green to smoke, out of courtesy to other audience members.

For safety reasons, the pathways on the Green must be kept clear and moving: please no standing, sitting, or congregating on the pathways. (Also, standing on the pathways often blocks the view of other audience members—please put yourself in their shoes!)

The Festival puts on this annual two-week event for YOU and all our New Haven neighbors to enjoy. There are so many events to enjoy throughout these summer evenings, and we hope you have an especially awesome time at these headliner concerts.

2019 Headline Concerts:
Thabisa, June 8 @ 7PM
Marion Meadows & Rohn Lawrence, June 8 @ 8PM
Garba360, June 9 @ 7PM
The Force MDs, June 15 @ 7:30PM
Vivian Green, June 15 @ 9:30PM
The Carrie Ashton Band, June 16 @ 6PM
Gina Chavez, June 16 @ 7PM
Tiempo Libre, June 22 @ 7PM

(This article refers specifically to events presented by the International Festival of Arts & Ideas: see INFONewHaven for the City's Music on the Green series.)