Gina Chavez

10-time Austin Music Award winner Gina Chavez topped both the Amazon and Latin iTunes charts with her bilingual 2014 record, Up.Rooted. She has been featured on NPR's All Things Considered and applauded by The Boston Globe, USA Today, and Texas Monthly. Chavez has been an official SXSW artist five times, has toured worldwide as a cultural ambassador with the U.S. State Department, and co-founded the Niñas Arriba College Fund for Young Latinas in San Salvador. She was born in Austin, Texas and did not discover Latin folk music until her first year of college in Argentina. Chavez has integrated Spanish lyrics and Latin inspired rhythms into her songwriting ever since.

Chavez’ new EP Lightbeam reflects on her steadfast relationship, a love Chavez never thought she would experience until she met a girl whose smile made her question everything she thought she knew about her identity. Chavez masterfully weaves the sophisticated spirit of her previous music with a pop aesthetic and intensely personal lyrics in Lightbeam. “This is the story my heart wanted to tell; the story of what it means to be a Catholic Latina and fall in love with a woman; the story of what it means to live your heart no matter what the world says.”

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