Dancing with Life: Tango Todo Terreno

The multidimensional components that are part of tango, which in 2009 was included in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” (UNESCO) have an outstanding richness and is a fertile ground for creative developments. Tango Todo Terreno is an audience-participatory group experience. It is aimed at generating a recreational and educational space to promote creativity and team work. Utilizing the music as a sensory-perceptive resource, together, the facilitators (performers?) and the audience, go through a series of exercises, and create a collective and spontaneous product. Come prepared to have fun, to connect with yourself and others, and be part of a body-mind dynamic experience. Photo by Agustin Ferrer Photography

"Dancing with Life: Tango Todo Terreno" is an original collaboration between two New Haven-based professionals: Nathalie Bonafé (A Gentler Parting, LLC) and Gerardo Sorkin (Meaningful Exchanges, LLC).

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