Scene on the Green 2019

Pack a picnic, bring a blanket, join us on the New Haven Green for an eclectic and energizing mix of music from artists across the Northeast. With music ranging from funk to rock, blues to jazz, brass to big band, these artists create a Scene (right here) on the Green!

Box City

Calling all young thinkers and tinkerers! Come out and help construct a model city of the future made out of cardboard boxes. Local architects, makers, and city planners will assist, offering advice and distributing permits to Box City's young entrepreneurs!

Ideas, Not Theories by Reynaliz Herrera

“Ideas, Not Theories. By Reynaliz Herrera” is a theatrical percussion company for unconventional percussion instruments that offers several programs featuring Reynaliz Herrera's original music for bicycles, tap and body percussion, water, brushes, drums and more. In some of the programs the musical works are linked together through a storyline, physical theater, comedy and original characters, making the complete performance a unique, quirky and creative artistic experience.

The Rad Trads

The gentlemen comprising the Brooklyn-based five-piece The Rad Trads distinguish themselves in ways few bands can. Already drawing lines around the block at home, the globe-trotting group’s singular take on rock n roll mixes punk rock energy, horn drenched soul, and jazz precision, all with a lighthearted but sincere delivery. It’s a sound and show that is gaining steam world over as The Rad Trads continue to tour in support of On Tap, out now from Hornblow Recordings.

Ken Waldman

Alaska's Fiddling Poet, Ken Waldman, is joined by friends Brian Vollmer and Claire Byrne for a fast-paced, interactive Family Series show. Expect silly songs, fun poems and stories, and lots of great music, from triple fiddles to original waltzes.

Ken Waldman & The Secret Visitors

Ken Waldman combines Appalachian-style string-band music, original poetry, and Alaska-set storytelling for a performance uniquely his. With nine CDs, eleven books, and a knack for putting together shows specific to place, he appears at leading performing arts centers, festivals, and colleges across North America. According to The Austin Chronicle, Ken Waldman is “like a Ken Burns movie . . . Always recommended.” Here, he's bringing the husband and wife duo, The Vollmers. Brian Vollmer is a master fiddler, banjoist, and guitarist. His wife, Claire Byrne, is a fiddler, guitarist, and singer who also fronts the nationally touring acoustic quartet, Driftwood.

Luke Hendon Acoustic Combo

Luke Hendon's music highlights the French Style guitar and an all acoustic band. With an acoustic guitar playing the role of the drummer, an upright bass and a violin, the group bounces and swings into the present with a modern gypsy jazz sound. Hendon has developed his own unique voice in the world of Django Reinhardt and gypsy jazz. "Luke Hendon's music is a reaffirmation that jazz is fun." Jazz Profiles

Bob Bloom: Drumming About You

You and the kids will get your hearts and hands around Bob Bloom’s colorful cargo of drums. Everyone plays along with Bob as he launches some of the world’s most legendary and joyous songs. Bob’s drumming hoots have sparkled entire audiences at the First Night Celebrations of Boston, Providence, Hartford, Westport, and Worcester.


The Zikina experience starts with curiosity. If you’re like most audience members, you’ll immediately ask, “What is that he’s playing?” Uganda native Gideon Ampeire draws you in with a variety of traditional East African instruments rarely found in the US, including enanga (zither), adungu (harp), and kalimba (thumb piano)- all of which he builds himself.

Sister Funk

The New England based, high energy, all female, original/cover band Sister Funk has been sharing stages with chart topping headliners like Foreigner, Melissa Etheridge, ZZ Top, B52s, Taylor Dayne and The Pointer Sisters for over a decade.

Loosey LaDuca

Drag Queen Story Hour

Loosey LaDuca will bring fairytales to life with her Drag Queen Story Hour! Adults and children alike are invited to gather round while a real life character tells tales in colorful makeup and costumes! She will read several stories, and lead the group in an activity to help the adventures leap off of the pages and in front of our eyes! This will be a PG show suitable for all ages.

St. Luke's Steel Band

St. Luke's Steel Band was started in the fall of 1999 when Fr Victor Rogers and a group of supporters from New Haven's historic St. Luke's Episcopal Church purchased a set of steel pans from a band based in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, the group has attracted a dedicated membership of players of all ages. Many of the members or their families come from the West Indies. the band regularly performs during services at St. Luke's Church and also plays for concerts, festivals, benefits and private functions throughout the region. Their repertoire includes soca, calypso, reggae, classical, sacred, jazz, popular and Island folk music.

Rick Reyes

Rick Reyes will be performing songs from his brand new album which is being worldwide distributed by ADA a Warner music company. Known for his work with Latin Rock band, Cosmic Jibaros and World Music band Novela Sin Tiempo, The new record has more of a Latin Urbano, Latin Pop, dance sound and It showcases Rick's depth as an artist and performer. This will be Ricks first live performance of the new record.

Drum & Sing Jamboree

Join us for a Drum & Sing Jamboree with Liz McNicholl. Pack a picnic and bring the whole family for this interactive Singing and Drum Jammin' show. Liz McNicholl has been entertaining families in libraries and concerts around the State and loves having the audience interact with her foot stomping show. Come ready to sing and jam along with drums and have tons of fun... drums will be provided. Liz leads the audience with Djembe but will also intertwine the Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo & Bódhran (Irish drum) into the show. Everyone is welcome!

Gospel Music—Yesterday, Today & Forever!

A look back over the History of Gospel Music and it's meaning. Each segment will include soul stirring singing, spoken word, and dancing, showcasing some of New Haven's finest talents.

Producer: Mae Gibson-Brown
Director: Charles C. Brown

CANning Hunger

CANning Hunger is a community building event that supports Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen’s goal of fighting food insecurity in the New Haven area. Local organizations have formed teams that will compete to build the best sculpture out of canned goods according to our theme: Home. Judges and festival goers will vote for their favorite sculptures, making this an event for everyone. At the conclusion of the event, all food will be donated to Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.

The Flyin' Hawaiian Show

The Flyin' Hawaiian show is the perfect combination of a three ring circus and a Hawaiian vacation. Sara hosts with the grace of a dolphin, sweetness of a pineapple, and jokes as good as your Dads as she does contortion, hula hoops, and coconut tree finale you have to see to believe.

Children's Hospital Show: Heart Beat Stories

After recording their own heartbeats with a bluetooth-embedded stethoscope, hospitalized young people used their heartbeats to create original musical and lyrical compositions exploring their identities. The Word and Yale New Haven Children's Hospital's Arts for Healing Program perform these poems, stories, raps and songs created by teenage patients.

Trey Moore & Veronica

Trey Moore is a producer and songwriter from New Haven, Connecticut. He began his musical journey as a multifaceted artist at the age of 14. Inspired by artists like Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, Tame Impala, and Frank Ocean, he learned to produce and engineer sounds rich with grooves and cosmic synths. Today, he continues to grow, releasing music and playing shows regionally.

Up and coming vocalist / song-writer Veronica, also known as VERA Icon, is a traveling artist from Detroit Michigan. Her desire in her artistry is to claim her voice and style in her own right. Carrying notes of funk, style and nostalgic lyrics, Veronica keeps an authenticity that most artists cannot buy. Her wild spirit does not match her in personal connection at times, but that is exactly what makes her a sight to see on stage. Enjoy her for the moment she’s in, and you will surely get inspired to unleash your inner emotions.

Spinnin' the Green: DJ Showcase

The Green will be alive with music all night for our Hip-Hop + R&B White Party. Join DJs Juan Coon, Drake, Bigg Mann, Bink-B, and Big E as they turn the New Haven Green into one big dance party.

Aiping Tai Chi

Aiping Tai Chi Center, southern Connecticut's largest Tai Chi school, will give a demonstration showcasing the beauty, tranquility and power of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced by millions around the world for its healing powers. Aiping Tai Chi Center in Orange, CT was founded in 1996 by Grandmaster Aiping Cheng, one of the foremost Chinese martial art experts in the world. The Center is run by Grandmaster Cheng's disciples, Shifu Shirley Chock and Shifu Jonas Karosas.

Music, Movement & Mindfulness

with Breathing Room & Neighborhood Music School

Welcome to an immersive, beginner-friendly class comprised of gentle movement, music and mindfulness. Together, teachers will guide you in yoga, breathwork, music and sound healing as you tune into your natural vibrations and the rhythm of shared song under open skies.

Dancing with Life: Tango Todo Terreno

The multidimensional components that are part of tango, which in 2009 was included in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” (UNESCO) have an outstanding richness and is a fertile ground for creative developments. Tango Todo Terreno is an audience-participatory group experience. It is aimed at generating a recreational and educational space to promote creativity and team work. Utilizing the music as a sensory-perceptive resource, together, the facilitators (performers?) and the audience, go through a series of exercises, and create a collective and spontaneous product. Come prepared to have fun, to connect with yourself and others, and be part of a body-mind dynamic experience. Photo by Agustin Ferrer Photography

Raquel de Souza Band

Raquel de Souza (pronounced Deh-SO-ZAH) is a singer songwriter from NY. Raquel performs with her band The Raquel de Souza Band, an up and coming country rock band based in New York. The band is known for their high energy and engagement with the audience.

Tiare Kahana South Pacific Island Rhythms, Storytelling, and Mythology

An Arts for Learning Connecticut Artist

Polynesian dance is a form of storytelling, requiring skills such as comprehension, imagery, mindfulness, posture, and spatial awareness. Professional hula dancer and teaching artist Tiare Kahana teaches participants the dances and chants of the South Pacific. Also performed by men and boys, this oral language tradition has served as an effective means of preserving ancient wisdom and documenting the island’s history and mythology for centuries.

Elm Shakespeare Company Teen Troupe: Twelfth Night

Elm Shakespeare's Teen Troupe will perform scenes from their recent production of Twelfth Night, and lead a discussion with the audience focusing especially on questions of identity, belonging, disguising and revealing one's true self. What does it feel like to be bold enough to make your own way in a world that might not be ready or willing to accept you for who you are?

Michael Cleary

Singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist extraordinaire Michael Cleary has been performing and making music for 30 years. He studied music theory, improvisation and music engineering at Berklee and Wesleyan and has taught guitar to hundreds of students. Vin Delaria describes him this way; "Like Count Basie, he puts together the best and brightest musicians around and lets them loose in a format where they can shine".

Boogie Chillun

An Arts for Learning Connecticut Artist

Boogie Chillun is a multicultural ensemble that plays funk, rap, rock, jazz, blues, classic soul, r&b, afro-folk, reggae, gospel, spirituals and disco.

Eshu Bumpus: African and African-American Tales

An Arts for Learning Connecticut Artist

Eshu Bumpus has performed in schools and festivals throughout New England, California and in collaboration with the Smithsonian. As an artist and teacher, Eshu’s primary mission is to help raise students’ and teachers’ confidence in creating, writing and telling stories. Eshu presents a selection of African and African-American stories in an atmosphere that encourages laughter, creativity and participation. Nonviolent principles permeate his stories. Stories incorporate participatory songs.

Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble Celebrates Juneteenth

presented in association with Artsucation™Academy Network

Join the Artsucation Academy Network as we Celebrate Juneteenth with the Legendary Bambara Drum and Dance Ensemble from the Bronx, NY! The unique company of "edutainers" has dazzled audiences throughout the United States, performing challenging repertoires from West Africa, Central Africa, and Cuba. The Bambara Drum And Dance Ensemble encourages cross cultural understanding by celebrating traditional African culture. The company's energy and creative versatility engages audiences and allows each individual to become one with this experience.

Nekita Waller

Nekita was appointed by the governor last summer as our new Connecticut State Troubadour. She's our state's first African American solo and non folk artist to be appointed as State Troubadour. Nekita was recently named by Connecticut Magazine as one of Connecticut's 40 under 40. She has been highlighted on NPR, the Hartford Courant, Hartford Magazine, Connecticut Magazine, The Associated Press, the New Haven Register, CTPost and Middletown Press. Her original Connecticut Anthem pop song has been played on mainstream radio 104.1 and is currently nominated for Song of the Year for 2019's Best of Hartford. Nekita is visiting schools and libraries all across the state as an ambassador of music and song and promotes cultural literacy among Connecticut citizens. Nekita and her band will be performing a mix of pop and soul favorites with a few originals in her performance this year at Arts & Ideas.

David Harrell: The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook

An Arts for Learning Connecticut Artist

In a moving and humorous look at growing up, David Harrell brings to life a story of his childhood in "The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook". Born without his right hand and fitted with a prosthetic hook before he starts school, he is kept on the sidelines of recess until the game becomes Peter Pan! He fits perfectly into the game as Captain Hook but soon grows tired of playing the part and decides he wants to be a hero. Through his journey David and his friends learn the importance of accepting and including others that may not look exactly the way that we do.

Om Shalom Trio

OM SHALOM TRIO is a group of award-winning World Music artists. They draw on rhythmic and melodic aspects from their Far Eastern and Middle Eastern roots to create a fusion of Indian Classical and Jewish Folk. The two words that join to form the Om Shalom's name are both synonymous with Peace and the Sacred.

Olive Tiger

Olive Tiger is an evolution of sound and texture: a nontraditional trio hailing from New England that lushly combines electronics with organic elements of chamber-pop, defying the boundaries of genre in favor of obsessive exploration. Grounded in the stunning songwriting and soaring voice of its bandleader, Olive Tiger arcs continuously toward more meticulous, more rich, and more seductive arrangements.

Wally Water and the Water Cycle

Come on an extraordinary, journey through the water cycle with Wally And The Water Cycle. This original musical is about an anxious drop of water, Wally, who learns to overcome his fear of going through the changing states of the water cycle in a very humorous way. This children's musical will leave audience members laughing, clapping and singing along as it celebrates biodiversity, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, melting and transpiration. The show includes animals, singing, audience participation and lots of humor.

Make Music Day: The Nu Haven Kapelye

The Nu Haven Kapelye is Southern New England’s largest Klezmer ensemble, numbering anywhere from 12-30 musicians. A cross between a big band and a Klezmer orchestra, the Kapelye plays innovative arrangements of Klezmer and Yiddish music from Romania, Hungary, Bessarabia, and other Eastern European locales. It isn't just the size of this group that makes it so very exciting it's the energy of their performances, the diversity of age, experience, background and especially the commitment of the musicians that comes across in their music. The group recorded and released their first CD, What’s Nu, in 2016.

Make Music Day: K. Dub

Elm City’s own performing songs off of Higher Learning and Elm City Trees.

Michelle Brooks-Thompson

Michelle Brooks-Thompson is a National Independent Inspirational Recording Artist. She is a former Season 3 finalist of NBC's The Voice and the 2017 Super Top Dog Winner of the legendary Amateur Night at the Apollo competition, also known as Showtime at the Apollo on the Fox Network!


The '80s soft soul vocal trio known for such lush ballads as "Closer Than Friends" and the million-selling singles "Shower Me With Your Love" and the number one pop hit "The First Time". The original lead singer of the Billboard #1 hit group SURFACE, Bernard Jackson has one of the greatest voices in modern music. Bernard Jackson has amassed eleven number one hit singles and sold millions of records both as a singer and songwriter. He has made modern classics that have stood the test of time.

Juneteenth Coalition

Join us on the Upper Green as we celebrate the emancipation of African-Americans through dance performances, live musicians, G-Nice and the Family Affair Band, mini-dance party with a live DJ, your favorite line dances and soul train line, spoken word, storytelling, historical theatrical reenactments, singers, steppers, bands, enslavement memorabilia, our beloved tradition the community elders honoring ceremony featuring the 'Africa Is Me!' dancers and drummers from the Healing Drum Society.

Gerald Moore—THE GAME

Interactive sculptural installation emphasizing "imaginative interplay" as the key for creativity and design process.

The Tea House of Many Stories

On a quest to understand what constitutes an art experience, the Tea House of Many Stories traveled through New Haven from April 25- June 9 with its host Ian Leung, serving tea to the people he encountered in different communities in exchange for their stories. He will share his interesting findings from all the guests he served and most importantly the inspiring human stories that left a mark in one’s life.

On June 22 Ian sincerely invites you to the lecture-performance of The Tea House of Many Stories, to see how far a cup of Chinese tea can take us to where stories are told, exchange are made, and ideas are born under the International Festival of Arts & Ideas.

Authentically made by the New Haven community.