Cantando y Jugando

Perfect for kids, Cantando y Jugando is an interactive music program that includes a collection of Spanish songs and games to encourage socialization, language learning, and fun!

Elba is an educator, singer, and songwriter who brings culture and language learning alive using interactive music and games. Her program Cantando y Jugando includes songs on themes like numbers, the alphabet, animal names, basic greetings, and the weather performed a cappella and on acoustic guitar. Games include circle games, dancing games, and general movement games for ages 0-12.

Elba has been teaching for over 24 years and has performed in plays, shows, choirs, talent shows, an independent movie soundtrack, and bands. Elba was the voice of Señora Mágica and one of the singers in Fun Spanish for Kids (1999) and most recently released her own albums Cantando y Jugando (2015) and Cantando y Jugando Otra Vez. Elba performs the Cantando y Jugando Music Program in festivals, libraries, schools, workshops, and other educational and family-friendly venues.


Watch the clip above for a taste of this performance.