Cooking Italian: Eating, Laughing and Living around The Table

with Skappo Italian Wine Bar

We will be cooking pasta with fresh made tomato sauce. Followed by braciole. Then for dessert, tiramisu. Skappo is a culmination of 5 family members with 5 distinct characteristics that make us who we are! We each will be showcasing who we are through, cooking, teaching Italian, singing Italian songs and other great things! These traits make us who we are...they make us Italian...they make us Skappo!

Skappo is an Italian Restaurant run by 5 family members.  Each one bringing something very special for our customers.

It starts with Mamma and Papa.  They are the reason Skappo exists.  Mamma from Assisi (home of St Francis) and Papa the architecture student from RISD studying in Rome when they met in 1972.  Story has it that Mamma was looking for a husband and “Cicci” (as he’s known at Skappo) was looking for a gelato....I wonder how that worked out for him.  43 years of marriage later, I think he’s still looking for his ice cream...but he doesn’t have to look for the love of his life.

They had 3 children: Michael, Yvette and Marc.  Michael is the person in charge of finance and the wine at Skappo.  Yvette handles the front of house services and Marc is the chef with Mamma. Customers are greeted by a warm smile from Yvette or interesting conversation from Michael.  Mamma let’s people know how special they are while Marc prepares dishes inspired from Mammas region (Umbria) in Italy while also serenading them with Italian ballads.

Skappo is more than a family business.  The Family is the business.

Pick up your meal kit at Skappo (59 Crown Street)

  • Wednesday June 10 5:30-7:00 or
  • Thursday Jun 11th 5:30-7:00pm

You will need cooking implements ( a frying pan, 2 sauce pots, and a blender or food processor) 8oz of coffee (prepared), Olive oil (you may buy it from Skappo at pickup) and Salt & Pepper.

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