Open Level African Drumming

With Brother Brian Jarawa Gray of KCPAC

African drumming for all levels, ages, families, and children. Come join Brother Jarawa as he shares his love and knowledge of percussion instruments from the African diaspora.



Brother Brian Jarawa Gray

Born in New Haven, CT., Jarawa began his music career in his teen years as a percussionist for the renown jazz band Deja Vu Noir under the mentorship of band leader, the reverend Dr. Dwight Andrews. In Deja vu noir, Jarawa performed alongside the now world renown music artists Pheroan Aklaff, Jay Hoggard, Nat Adderley Jr., Gerri Allen, and a host of others. Jarawa also played Conga, light percussion, before his study and playing of Marimbas, African Djembe and Dun Dun Drums. Jarawa was also a member of the Chuck Davis Dance Company, Kufain Keneke led by Tatchol Camara, drummer for the African Drum and Dance (Nzinga) at Yale University, Music Director and drummer for Konjo African Drum and Dance out of Yale University, Founder, Drummer and Music Director of Kika Ese African Drum and Dance Company. Co-Founder of The Healing Drum Society, Founder Dancer and Drummer for the Total Movement Society, Founder, Band Leader, Music Director of the Vision Contemporary and Jazz music Band, and Musical Director of Artsucation Academy Network’s Keepers of the Culture Performing Arts Company (KCPAC). Jarawa played in many venues across the country including Lincoln Center, 7th Avenue Theater, Woolsey Hall, University of Michigan, and Harvard University. Jarawa taught and instructed drumming at Wesleyan University, Yale University, and Amistad Academy. Jarawa has developed and taught the curriculum he named, Natural Centric Drumming and World Music, which combines African, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Puerto-Rican Bomba, and Native American styles. You may access, hear, and see Jarawa’s work on YouTube, Facebook, United Masters, iTunes, and SoundCloud as Blackfist Productions.