Cooking with Mojo: A Soul de Cuba Cafe Experience

Enjoy the flavors of Soul de Cuba Cafe, at home, with Chef Adis Romero. Chef Romero will walk you through the preparation of one of Soul de Cuba Cafe’s most popular dishes, “Salmon en Mojo y Miel," which combines the traditional flavor of Cuban Mojo--garlic, citrus, vinegar, and honey--to make the perfect crispy, tender, sweet, and savory salmon dinner at home in your kitchen. Then, founder Jesus Puerto will teach you how to make the perfect summer mojito.

Orders must be picked up at Soul de Cuba Cafe (283 Crown St., New Haven) on Saturday, June 27th between 3 - 5 PM.

Kit Includes: salmon, green beans, yellow rice, all sauces.

Please have cooking implements, olive oil, and salt and pepper on hand.

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