Juneteenth Yoga for Black Reclamation

In this session we will practice research-based breathing techniques, yoga poses and meditations that address some of the specific stress and anxiety that feels inescapable, accompanied by hip hop, trap music, jazz, afrobeats, and binaural beats.


Shefau is a community yogi and educator, based in New Haven, Connecticut. She is a certified teacher for grades K-6 and a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance (RYT200). Shefau has always incorporated her studies of music, studio art, education and psychology into her classroom teaching and coaching practices; her most relevant experience, by far, is as a Black woman. After a 20 year career in Education, she chose to shift those energies to create and implement wellness curricula, designed with the healing of Black people in mind. She draws from personal and professional experiences to offer unique mind-body wellness programs, implemented through her business, Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness, LLC which offers a wellness curriculum, rooted in rhythmic yoga that uses guided meditation and Black music as a means of healing trauma.Since 2018, Shefau has offered school-based and community-based healing programs to primarily Black students at no cost (or low cost) to the program participants.

Since wellness has transformed her life, Shefau is passionate about the creative ways she empowers her fellow community by promoting practical wellness strategies for day-to-day life. She currently teaches her programs online as a Core Practitioner at One Village Healing, a New Haven based wellness and healing arts initiative dedicated to creating spaces, convenings, and programming, rooted in the values of the healing justice movement to collectively heal from the impact of systems of oppression so we can all live wildly liberated, connected, inspired, and healthy lives.