Chaats and Chats

with Sherkaan


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“Chaat”, a popular Indian street food, derives from the Hindi word meaning roughly “to lick one’s fingers”. Once tasted, people can’t leave even one bit of this salty and spiced food cart hors d’oeuvre uneaten. Sherkaan Indian Street Food, a funky-hip eatery serving comfort foods of Central and South India will be serving up chaat as they chat about the food traditions that have led to their popular menu. Two delicious craft cocktails per attendee will aid the conversation. 




While their energetic space evokes the feel of old-world, urban India, Sherkaan's hope is that their modern plates and craft cocktails breathe new life into the country's diverse and flavorful cuisine. By removing some of the unfamiliarity associated with Indian food, they hope to create a fun, relaxed environment for all to enjoy.