Thabisa Rich




Gifted with a name that means “to make others happy,” South African born-and-raised Thabisa Rich is taking New Haven and the greater North Atlantic Region by storm with her voice, which has been described as “a blessing” by the New Haven Symphony Orchestra. Thabisa blends elements of African jazz, Afropop, soul, and funk, incorporating the languages of Xhosa, Zulu, Venda, and English, in a style that is unmistakably her own. In addition to her growing musical fan base, Thabisa is a dedicated community activist; her boundless energy captivates audiences and the politically minded alike, bringing something good to the world with every performance.

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Thabisa performs "Who Do You Think You Are ?" at the International Festival of Arts & Ideas on June 8, 2019.


Growing up in the dusty streets of Kwazakhele raised by two implacable grandparents. Thabisa never once thought as an eight year old, singing outside of her four room charcoal house, where she would be lost in thought imagining herself singing in front of a big crowd to the actualization of her imagination halfway across the world. As Thabisa has always said “if you can dream it, you can be it.” Thabisa has been singing well over a decade, and her sultry and yet electrifying voice is known to soothe hearts and keep feet moving. Although life has taught her to be resilient she wants to herself, her stories through song, art, voice. This driven mother & wife calls herself a work of art. Thabisa music is not the only thing people love her for but her bright personality to match it. “Being brought up in a place where all odds are stacked up against you. With a wise grandfather Mr Humphrey Mhlakulwana, who advised me to live and make something of myself and not look back. I did just that. Carving my own path”. Thabisa with two albums under her belt - ‘Eyodidi’ (2015) and ‘The Journey’ (2013), she recently produced and released a new single ‘Sweet Sorrow’ in December of 2020. Thabisa is exploding with unrealized talent on and off the stage and is passionate about engaging in community programs that focus on youth mentorship, human rights, and empowering the voiceless using her voice. Thabisa is currently working on her 3rd album

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