Experience Tour: New Haven Food Entrepreneurs at Atticus Market

With Atticus Market


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The smell of cardamom, cumin, and thyme awaits you on this tour of the new Atticus Market located in East Rock. Atticus is a New Haven household name thanks to their sweets, pastries, and heartier fare, and is using their power to amplify others through their CT Food Launchpad, an initiative to help early-stage food ventures in the New Haven area commercialize their products. A sampling of successful launchpad products will be on offer, including zaatar rolls and keyk kadoo (cardamom squash cake) from Sanctuary Kitchen, a program that partners with immigrant and refugee chefs, as well as salted honey tarts from the Huneebee Project, a nonprofit geared towards protecting pollinators and providing equitable employment opportunities to local youth.

Atticus Market

771 Orange Street
Atticus Market offers groceries, baked goods, and local treats. Our sister location Atticus Bookstore Cafe has been in downtown New Haven for over 45 years.